10 facts about Anunnaki

The Anunnaki is probably the number one theme when it comes to the theory of ancient aliens, but what are the facts? And do these facts have a solid background when they compete with the debaucheries of Ancient Alien?

We bring you 10 facts about the Anunnaki.

1. In many of the Anunnaki images we can see strange objects worn by those who come from the stars, one of the most interesting examples is the wristwatch that appears in almost every image of the Anunnaki.

2. The Sumerians were the first people who started building actual cities organized using real city networks, as we see in modern cities of the world, according to the theory of the Ancient Alien, Anunnakitransferred this knowledge to an ancient person.

3. In the 19th century archaeologists studying the ancient ruins of Nineveh found 22,000 clay tablets that are directly related to the Anunnaki.

4. In 1976, Sitchin published his personal translations of Sumerian texts in a series of books titled “The Chronicles of the Earth.” According to Sitchin, clay tablets describe an alien race known as the Anunnaki, who came to Earth to obtain gold.

5. Gold reflects infrared light. Infrared light is basically light that you do not see it, but we interact with it in the form of heat, the radiation interacts with our molecules, and this causes them to vibrate more quickly, and you feel that as a heat, gold also creates a good A heat shield, in part because its so pliable. You can make gold very thin; Its easy to work with; And it has excellent properties for reflecting and protecting heat, which makes it a resource not only for us, but also for extraterrestrial visitors, as Sitchin suggests.

6. Sitchin suggested that the Anunnaki came from another planet in our solar system, which has an orbital orbit of 3,600 years.

7. According to the theory of the Ancient Alien, Anunnaki genetically changed primitive mankind and created a labor force that enabled them to extract gold faster.

8. According to Zecharia Sitchin, Adam was the first modern humans, they were created by Anunnaki450,000 years ago, when they genetically mixed their DNA with a prehistoric man and thus received the labor that did what Anunnakiwanted.

9. Adam in Hebrew means a person. Adam is what the Sumerians call the first man, Anunnakislav.

10. The traditions of Zulu speak of a time when visitors from the stars came to dig gold and other natural resources. These mines worked as slaves, created by the First Men.

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