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12 Separate UFOs Caught by Satellite on Google Earth

12 UFOs caught on satellite camera. This UFO sighting was absolutely by chance, it was caught on satellite camera flying over the Amazon in the Rondonia in Brazil. The North Western part of Brazil is very much just the Amazon in every direction.

I’m amazed how little people are aware of UFOs and the fact that they are now accepted as real by the US Government. Seriously, it’s gone over people’s heads just like these UFOs went over the heads of Google Earth employees “someone’s gonna get an email” lol.

These numerous UFOs was noticed by the satellite overhead taking videos of the area for Google Earth.

An Eagle eyed viewer was checking out the Amazon (like people do) and started to stumble upon UFO Orbs – after glowing Orbs.

This is one of the best UFO images taken from Google Earth and it's showing either UFO Orbs or a single craft with lights on it.
Google Earth has a whole host of strange things which people keep on finding. This image shows either UFO Orbs flying from the right of the screen to the left with a blur as a tail indicating it’s flying fast or it’s a single craft with lights?

Twelve UFOs in the same Google Earth “stitched map” is probably the best UFO evidence that anyone can ever hope to come across.

It’s got the added advantage of being “tamper proof” because of the safety and security of the server it’s on. Oh, that would be Google itself! Your not tampering with it – end of.

The Amazon jungle, forest, wildlife sanctuary, park, territory or whatever else you want to call it, its vast, it’s not friendly to anything that should not be there.

This is why they can’t be “a kite” flown by a villager or a water tank because as you can clearly see, it’s dense jungle in every direction you look.

It’s not an oil company, it’s not a logging company or a new city going up.

Lee lewis UFO NEWS

Ruling out what it’s not is not a typical way of narrowing down the list of possibilities.

It is however, the Amazon jungle so its probably better to cross off what it can’t be as opposed to wondering what it could be?

This video is awesome. It’s either UFO Orbs in formation or its Cigar UFOs… You need to check the video (below) and see for yourself?

The UFO is described as a cigar-shaped object with ‘shiny orbs’. Discovered on Google Earth means that nobody has had a chance to tamper with the evidence.

This is either UFO Orbs over the Amazon in South America or it's a Cigar shaped UFO which is being filmed by a satellite for Google Earth.
White row of spherical lights on a dark background. People are saying it’s a possible Mothership because of how big this thing is…
(Image Credit – Google Earth)

This is one hell of a UFO sighting, it’s on Google Earth so you know that Tom, Dick or Harry hasn’t been able to “fix a few things”. You know, make it better!

UFO over the Amazon was featured on Secureteam10

This UFO sighting was featured on Secureteam10 YouTube channel but he’s currently having tons of problems with a disgruntled viewer and it’s a shame because Tyler had fone a video about this particular UFO.

Check out my Instagram account for more.

Because Tyler and his channel isn’t available at the moment (hope your back soon) we won’t be featuring the video. But, instead we’ve supplied the images and as and when it becomes available we will update this post.


Anyways, people are taking up the new hobby of patrolling Google Earth and Google Mars, Maps, space etc looking for the slightest hint of not being real, or looking out of place – just like this UFO.

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There’s a row of five round, white lights on what looks like a dark background which is why the white lights are standing out as much as they are doing.

Amazon UFOs

If you take in to account that it was recorded by Google, who’s the eye witness to this super awesome UFO discovery? Is it Google or the person who found it on Google Earth?


Here’s my own opinion on this amazing story of what can only be described as a UFO because it is above the trees, its in a very “technology shape” and it’s got to be flying. There’s no trail leading up to it and there’s no roads. Its a UFO as far as I can tell.

Coordinates: -10.268397,-64.606296

Check out our profiles around the Internet for more UFO videos and UFO photos:

Really good UFO information around the Internet.

YouTube channel Sandra Elena Andrade has uploaded a great video showing us the awesome UFO above the Amazon but also there’s a few other amazing UFO anomalies thrown in for good measure. So, check out the video right here:

12 new Google Earth UFOs and anomalies.

The Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta, once again, strikes again with an incredible hallmark discovery.

This is the information that comes with the YouTube video, note the amazing archive of Google Earth coordinates to amazing anomalies.

This time we present an interesting video in the presence of 12 possible hidden mysterious UFOs in the Amazon jungle.

The mysterious luminous objects are located, except one, in an area where the possibility of arriving by land mechanical means is impossible.

The images are from NASA published by Google Earth. The coordinates for viewing are:

10 ° 33’11.73 “S 64 ° 35’41.31” W

10 ° 33’13.20 “S 64 ° 35’34.99” W

10 ° 33’14.05 “S 64 ° 35’33.98” W

10 ° 32’58.10 “S 64 ° 36’45.92” W

10 ° 21’53.79 “S 64 ° 37’6.90” W

10 ° 14’42.36 “S 64 ° 36’44.53” W

10 ° 02’24.10 “S 64 ° 36’45.24” W

10 ° 04’06.15 “S 64 ° 29’15.22” W

9 ° 55’01.26 “S 64 ° 29’01.88” W

9 ° 59’46.41 “S 64 ° 33’46.75” W

9 ° 57’54.54 “S 64 ° 32’44.04” W

9 ° 55’46.64 “S 64 ° 30’30.01” W

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