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The 1926 Maitland UFO Lights

For several weeks during the summer of 1926, residents of Maitland in Canada would experience several strange waves of bizarre overhead lights in the night sky. What’s more, these lights were witnessed by multiple members of the population, and would, as we will examine a little shortly, had brief details …

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The 1980 Foxboro Light Beam Incident

An incident that took place in Foxboro, Massachusetts in December 1980 is described by those who investigated it as a “very convincing case” and a “watershed…of the nature and reality of UFO (and) human interaction”. A young teenage boy would witness a huge UFO overhead followed by a strange beam …

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The Jardim Alvorada UFO Abduction Encounter

An apparent alien abduction encounter in southern Brazil in April 1979 was also a UFO sighting that was witnessed by several residents of the area. Furthermore, following hypnotic regression, the main witness would reveal what can only be described as an alien abduction. However, more than that, the incident hints …

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UFO And Alien Encounters Of A Festive Kind

Generally speaking, UFO and alien encounters are the last things on most people’s minds around the Christmas period. However, as we might expect, if we accept there is alien life out there visiting our planet, it is unlikely they would observe, recognize, or give any thought to such a holiday. …

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