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The 1977 Flora, Mississippi UFO Encounter

An incident from February 1977 over the small town of Flora, Mississippi is still remembered by the town’s residents today over 40 years later. Two police officers, while on a standard evening patrol, would witness a huge disc approach their vehicle and hover over it for around a minute. What’s …

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The 1967 Indiana “Beanpot” UFO Encounter

An incident in January 1967 in the Midwest of the United States, sometimes referred to as the Beanpot sighting, was just one incident among a wave of sightings that would swarm America throughout the year. What is perhaps interesting about the account, and certainly what initial reports would suggest was …

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The Karnes City Uranium Mine UFO Sighting

An incident over an open-pit uranium mine in Karnes City in Texas in the summer of 1971 was witnessed by at least six people. It would also, if we accept the account to be true, leave behind physical evidence of the encounter. What’s more, the event is far from the …

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The 1979 Ingolstadt UFO Encounters

What is perhaps interesting about the sudden appearance of “star-shaped” objects appearing over the German city of Ingolstadt is that the sightings would occur on two separate evenings spread out over several days and were witnessed by multiple people, including several serving police officers. What’s more, one of the sightings …

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