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Daily Archives: July 5, 2020

The Humanoid Encounter Of Lech Chacinski

Not only did Lech Chacinski claim to be witness to three alien humanoids in the summer of 2003, but to an incident that also left crop markings in a nearby field. Events would unfold early one morning before dawn as the witness – a truck driver – was making his …

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The Tragic Death Of An Alien Humanoid In 1955 Sweden?

We have examined several cases of humanoid entities and the apparent connections to UFO sightings previously. Most encounters are brief and involve a quick conversation before the respective humanoids then go on their way leaving those behind awestruck and mystified of the exchange. However, an incident that took place in …

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The Ancient Alien Origins Of The Wandjina Mythology?

If you subscribe to the ancient astronaut theory – even in part – then evidence of apparent visitations from these extraterrestrial beings is likely of great interest to you, whether in the mythology or artwork, or the structures that are left behind of the respective regions and cultures. Indeed, we …

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