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Evidence That Dinosaurs And Humans Lived Together

Right there in the jungles of Cambodia is an amazing yet bizarre and very surreal discovery of an unmistakable Dinosaur? The very real (I assure it is real) depiction of this Stegosaurus was found carved in to the Cambodian Temples elaborate designs. These carved pieces of “jigsaw stone” which adorns …

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Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that someone had already found this UFO type Alien technology/machine or possible structure on the Moon. I was really gutted at first but then I realised who had found it and I was OK with that, as it was Scott C Waring from the …

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Evidence Of Aliens on The Moon on Astronauts Computer

Here’s the evidence in the very own words of the astronauts who went to the Moon. In the astronauts own words which doesn’t get anymore better than that. Astronauts are an intelligent bunch of people. Their word is valued. We’re talking about the best possible eye witness with the most …

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The First Flying Saucer Report – Witnessed By More People

The very first ever Flying Saucer report was created by Kenneth Arnold (a very experienced pilot) and he was adamant that he saw nine Flying Disks. He was able to give detailed descriptions which look similar to a Horton Wing.FacebookTwitterEmailChia sẻ In 1947 private pilot reported nine saucer shaped objects …

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