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Daily Archives: August 7, 2020

The Psychic Internet Theory – What Is It? Does It Make Sense?

In his book Paranormal Encounters On Britain’s Roads, author and researcher, Peter McCue speaks of the psychic internet theory, which suggests the possibility that “people’s minds sometimes interact at a subconscious level and generate paranormal phenomena”. McCue, as he states in his writings, has built on from the suggestions and theories …

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UFOs And Time Travel

Of all the theories and claims of what might be behind the UFO and alien question, the notion of time travel is perhaps one of the most intriguing. The idea that there is a connection between time-travel and what we currently consider alien visitation does itself branch off in several …

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The Bizarre “Cloud-Ship” Incident In 815 France

Apiece of writing from France in the Middle Ages is one that appears to describe strange visitors from a realm in the sky who would sail upon the clouds in the strange skyships. What’s more, at least according to local legend, some members of the population had the ability to …

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Mythology, Folklore, UFOs and Aliens

Around the world, in whatever culture you choose to delve into, you will find myths, legends, and creation stories, often telling of a time when “the gods” walked the Earth and were directly involved in the day-to-day existence of human civilization. What is interesting, however, is that many of these …

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