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Daily Archives: August 8, 2020

The Ghosts Of Room 18 At The St. James Hotel

According to the legends and history, the St. James Hotel that stands on the once proud and much-trodden “Santa Fe Trail” is one of the most haunted locations in the lands of the one-time Wild West. At the height of its popularity, it was considered a “luxurious” establishment and would …

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Tales From The Devil’s Backbone Highway

Spanning around twenty miles and stretching between several small towns, located at an unofficial crossroads at West, Central, and South Texas, is a region known as ‘The Devil’s Backbone Highway’ (or sometimes just ‘The Devil’s Backbone’ or ‘Spiny Devil’), a destination widely regarded as the most haunted stretch of land …

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The Truly Bizarre Case Of Granger Taylor

The case of Granger Taylor truly is bizarre in every sense of the world. And while it is an account that is seemingly easy to brush off as the ravings of someone slightly beyond eccentric, there is also something about the incident that niggles away at the minds of even …

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The Missing 411 Conspiracies

Without a doubt, one of most fascinating if outright grim mysteries of our modern times is the truly bizarre and mind-bending disappearances of people right across the North American continent, but particularly throughout the United States. This information, patterns, and points to connect comes to us from the exhaustive research …

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Very Real Paranormal And Spooky Incidents On Friday The 13th

We have written of the apparent origins of why Friday the 13th is considered unlucky previously. According to many researchers, the unlucky nature of the date stems back to the raiding of the Knights Templar’s main strongholds throughout France on Friday, October 13th, 1307, and so leading to their dissolution and …

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