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Huge Dome And Pyramid Structure Found on Google Mars

Wait, it get’s better because these are official NASA photos When was the last time you saw something this good like a huge dome and Pyramid structure found on Google Mars? Okay, it was probably about an hour ago or less because if Mars is one thing for sure, it’s absolutely in-stock with anomalies. That’s …

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The Bone-Chilling Deadly UFO Encounter Of Joao Prestes Filho

Although there very well could be numerous other reasons for the sudden agonizing death of 44-year-old, Joao Prestes Filho in Brazil in March 1946, the grim and gritty account tends to remain predominantly in UFO circles. Perhaps due to other, similar cases that would take place in Brazil over the …

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This Looks Like Animals On Mars In NASA Images

These are apparently sand dunes covered in subliming seasonal frost in Spring (whatever that means lol)? They are also in the polar regions of the planet Mars.     This is a herd of animals right? the thing has a head and a tail. Yes it is, but it’s on …

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Massive UFO on The Moon In NASA Archives

Massive UFO on The Moon In NASA Archives Enhanced and rendered with graphics but that’s not putting anything there that isn’t already there. It’s just enhanced what’s already there beforehand. Guy’s, we’ve featured this before because this was “and still is” a stand alone piece of evidence of life in the universe. When …

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Will China Mars Mission encounter Breakaway German Colony?

China is on schedule to launch an orbiter and rover to Mars in July 2020 in a mission called Tianwen-1 – meaning ‘questions to heaven’. While the mission goals for Tianwen-1 appear very mundane – mapping the surface and extracting soil samples – one of the “questions to heaven” that …

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