Daily Archives: September 4, 2020

New Webinar – Why Space Force Terrifies the Deep State & Rogue Secret Space Programs

Space has for decades been used by the Deep State and rogue Secret Space Programs (SSPs) to manipulate humanity through false flag operations, staged “alien abductions”, targeted satellite-based behavioral alteration and genetic modification, a galactic slave trade, and generating an enormous black budget for funding highly classified corporate technology projects. …

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A Black Cube UFO Hurtles Out Of A Portal Over Texas

Image Credit Secureteam10 The research that Secureteam10 did with the image is done by bringing out the features of the craft hidden out of view by the clouds and low and behold they are there! That means this image or the images should I say, are very real. Image Credit/Secureteam10 You can’t …

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Huge UFO Caught on NASA Live Feed – Then Shut Down

UFO Sightings don’t get any better than this one because like it shows in this excellent video – the eye witness was lucky to get a screen capture because the live feed interrupted screen came on really quick.FacebookTwitterEmailShare NASA is at it again, turning off the international space station live …

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