Daily Archives: September 15, 2020

The Backyard Experiment That Sparked A UFO Incident

The flying saucer visitation case in the small town of Wardle was perhaps typical of many sightings of the 1950s. At a time when citizens on both sides of the Atlantic had the notion of visitors from outer space planted firmly in the collective psyche, genuine encounters were not always …

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Will China Mars Mission encounter Breakaway German Colony?

China is on schedule to launch an orbiter and rover to Mars in July 2020 in a mission called Tianwen-1 – meaning ‘questions to heaven’. While the mission goals for Tianwen-1 appear very mundane – mapping the surface and extracting soil samples – one of the “questions to heaven” that …

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The Presque Isle Park Incident

An apparent landing of a UFO in the summer of 1966 at the Presque Isle Park in Erie, Pennsylvania is one still spoken of and researched today. The incident would unfold in front of multiple witnesses. And would have several secondary corroborating witnesses further to that. Furthermore, at least two …

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