5 long-lost treasures that are still ready for captures today

The lost treasure was the center of countless books, myths and films, while we told stories. The story is full of stories about the harassment of treasures left by pirates, scoundrels and thieves, and lucky us, some that fate is still suitable for captures. Here is your guide to the top 5 long-lost treasures that are still waiting to be discovered.

1. The small treasure of the river Bighorn

In the late 1800s the West was the place to be, if you want to inflict a rich character on it. Today you are best served somewhere along the banks of the river Bighorn.

Captain Grant Marsh was on his way to deliver 375,000 dollars to supplement General Custer’s army when he heard of Custer’s defeat. Knowing that he would have to take wounded soldiers in the Far West, he and his people buried gold for salvation. Unfortunately, when they returned to dig up the bars, nothing was found.

According to legend, Marsh tried twice to get the buried gold, and on his last trip a heavy rain caused a mud slide, which hid gold forever. Many still believe that gold is still buried along the Bighorn today.

2. Butch Cassidy’s Treasure

The most shameful wild western criminal of America has robbed everyone and everyone who crossed his path. Legend has it that Cassidy and his gang “Wild Bunch” buried $ 20,000 somewhere along the Irish canyon in Moffat district before they can be seized by law.

3. The ciphers of Thomas Bil

The Thomas Beal cipher is one of the most interesting real treasure quests. In 1816, Bill and his people discovered that it would be equivalent to 63 million dollars of gold, silver and precious stones hidden in the Rocky Mountains.

To insure their treasures, they will be handed over to their relatives if they die before returning to their homes, the men hid most of the treasure, but not before Bil created the 3 cipher. As soon as it cracked, the first cipher betrayed the location of the treasure, the second indicated the contents, and the third called the nearest relatives.

Each cipher was provided to Virginia innkeeper Robert Morris. The instructions were as follows: If Beal did not return in 10 years, the key was delivered to Morris to open the box containing the ciphers. Neither the key nor Beal ever returned.

Many people tried to crack Beal’s code to get $ 63 million, but none of them succeeded. Give him your best chance.

4. The Treasure of John Dillinger

In April 1934, one of the most notorious gangsters of America managed to escape from the box of Little Bohemia in Mercer, Wisconsin, before being captured by the FBI.

According to legend, Dillinger ran through the back door with a suitcase full of $ 200,000 in unmarked bills. He ran north for a few yards and buried the suitcase, where he remains to this day.

5. Treasures of Captain Kidd

William Kidd was a pirate of the 17th century who began to attack and plunder ships in 1698, and with each robbery his fortune grew more and more, as well as his reputation.

To protect his massive prey, Kidd began to throw on her entire coast of New York, in particular, “Island Gardiner”.

In the 1920s, four treasure maps were found inside the furniture, rumored to have belonged to Kiddu himself. This discovery forced the treasure hunters to continue to search for their hidden wealth.

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