9/11 FACT: The Pentagon was wounded by a cruise missile from the US military arsenal

US military false attack against its citizen demands a military tribunal

Here is a picture of the type of cruise missile that hit the Pentagon.

The diagram below shows a thermonuclear warhead evaporating seven layers of reinforced concrete before leaving the inside of the C ring!

The American people must act sooner or later!

The whole world waited 13 years for truth and justice 9/11.

Countries everywhere recognize that US citizens must return their country.
What for?

Because the same people who are responsible for the September 11 attacks continue to conduct counterfeit operations around the planet, starting new wars and arming conflicts on peaceful lands.

The shadow government that controls the US used the pretext 9/11 to wage wars, wherever they were in competition for resources, especially oil and gas reserves, oil and gas pipelines, oil refineries and seaports.

The same unselected criminal criminal usually uses the overwhelming US military capability to shock and fear any defenseless nation that is an attractive geopolitical advantage. Likewise, they invade countries at their discretion, who do not follow their orders or try to follow their own path.

How are the same people who took off their INTERNAL WORK 9/11, still in power? !! They are still paid by US taxpayers or collect state pension funds or covered by state health insurance programs.

This state of affairs is no longer acceptable, not that it was ever.

Only the American people can demand justice because of 125 unfortunate souls who died in the Pentagon 9/11. And also thousands of office workers killed in the Twin Towers.

Is not it time to seriously investigate the truth of 9/11, so that real criminals can be held accountable? Especially when the same stray people still rule the country.

If not now, then when?
If not we, WHO?

If not here, in a free country and a brave home, WHERE?

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