A newly formed circle on the fields in the UK surprises researchers

Crop circles have always been a mystery to the entire scientific community. They appear all over the world, from nowhere, for decades, but some of the last formations are truly stunning.

The last recorded case of crop circles in the UK is one of the most mysterious in recent years and fascinates many explorers of circles in veterans who have seen many of them in their lives and are not just impressed.

An amazing crop circle appeared only on a farm in the UK and its 300-foot figure covering an area or 2 acres. In the circle there are numerous mysterious symbols, which, as the researchers say, should represent 20 astrological symbols aligned around the edges of the circle.

The farm, where a circle on the fields appeared, is private property, and the family that lives there says that a strange education appeared right after returning from vacation. The crop circle has a very thoughtful design, but it’s strange that the owners of the farm did not notice any signs of tempering people anywhere near the reservoir, and no one reported anything strange around before the circle appeared.

Colin Andrews, a well-known researcher, wrote on his Facebook page: “I have traveled the world for more than thirty years, exploring crop circles and have never seen anything so impressive.

Andrews is currently investigating education and is confident that the source of the mysterious circle in the fields will soon open.

Since most of the familys property was destroyed by education, they decided to start charging entrance fees to restore the loss.

Despite the fact that crop circles appear from time to time, and a number of experts are investigating them, they are still one of the most mysterious and mysterious phenomena indirectly associated with UFOs.

Most famous scientists reject them as complex frauds with the sole purpose of individual winnings and profits, but there are also those who are very intrigued and interested in these anomalous formations. Richard Taylor, a respected physicist at the University of Oregon, is one of the few scientists who believe that there is something in these entities. Back in 2011, in the “World of Physics” he published an article “Crop Circles” where he stated the following:

The art of crop circles is not going to abandon its secrets easily. This summer, unknown artists will go to the village close to your homes and will carry out their craft, being confident that they continue the legacy of the most scientific-oriented art movement in history.

We can not close our eyes and act, as if circles on the fields do not exist. They exist and are a complex phenomenon, no doubt, but the real question remains how and who creates them? I think you need to wait a little longer to figure this out, but the answer will come sooner or later.

Samples of the formations themselves were studied indefinitely. In addition to being extremely beautiful, many seem to be messages in one form or another, often with cosmological consequences. No one seems sinister or angry. If a person receives from them some feelings or feelings, this is benevolence. If this were so, that these formations were created by an extraterrestrial or inhuman mind, we could conclude that at least one of the groups here could actually care for us and want to help us. Richard Dolan

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