A secret space program built using reverse engineering of foreign objects

In 1993, during a lecture at the UMIA Alumini Center, Ben Rich, the former CEO of Lockheed Martin, conducted a very interesting speech on technological advances in space technology for 40 years. He concluded his speech with the following quote: “Now we have the technology to take ET home. Ben Rich, CEO of Lockheed Skunk Works, 1993

Speaking of ET, the last image of the slide showed a mysterious black disk-shaped object flying into space.

What did Mr. Richch tell us with the quote? With the image?

Lockheed designed and built a series of incredible aircraft, including SR-71 Blackbird, F-22 Raptor and F-117 Nighthawk, all of which are equipped with the latest technology that no one else had. Their planes were unique, fast and deadly.

Many believe that Lockheed Martin definitely became the owner of advanced technologies that they were able to rebuild, creating the next-generation fighter. Is it possible that Lockheed is responsible for manned flying saucers? Is it possible that Lockheed combined Tesla’s inventions with a recycled foreign technology that allowed them to create unprecedented air vehicles and even space vehicles? Vehicles that stayed away from the curious eyes of the public.

Since 2000, if not earlier, people began to think differently, interest in alien life and extraterrestrial technologies, governments could keep up with the public’s high interest in those subjects that probably led to the appearance of numerous declassified UFO files. In recent years .

In an interview with British BBC system administrator Gary McKinnon, a man who hacked his way into 97 US military and NASA computers, said he was motivated by the Disclosure Project, as there are some very reliable, trusted people who all say yes , There is a UFO technology, theres anti-gravity, theres free energy, and its extraterrestrial origin, and they captured the spacecraft and reverse engineered them.

According to McKinnon, he found a lot of files, including a spreadsheet with names and details about extraterrestrial officers and fleet magazines. McKinnon was looking for extraterrestrial officers in a database of US military and naval forces and came to the conclusion that these officers were nowhere to be found. He came to the conclusion that these mysterious officers were to be space assault forces.

McKinnon saw countless UFO images stored in NASA computers in the building of Johnson Space Center 8, among other high-profile documents. McKinnon was caught in 2002, he faces more than 50 years in prison and millions of dollars in fine. Fortunately, McKinnon, who fled to the United States, was never extradited to the US and managed to avoid prison. McKinnon firmly believes that extraterrestrial vehicles have been captured by governments around the world, and he also believes that mankind could break this technology by creating highly developed spacecraft that are now fully operational.

According to Jack A. Schulman, president of American Computer; The invention of the transistor may have been inspired by the study of the remains of a broken alien spacecraft, mostly reverse engineering technologies.

Someone else’s technology? Reverse engineering of foreign technology

Alien Technology and the people of reverse engineering are first mentioned in 1997 when the American Computer Company (ACC) suggested that the study of the remains of a crashed alien ship in Roswell in 1947 or another broken alien ship could be final for the development of a transistor made in 1948 by the doctors Shockley, Bardeen and Brattein at the Electronic Circuits Research Center of Bell Laboratories.

The basis for such claims is a series of documents and evidence that allegedly was in the possession of ACC. This theory corresponds to the history of many others, among them, former Lieutenant Colonel Philip Corso, who in his book; The day after Roswell, claims to be part of the team that transferred the remains of the crashed facility and delivered the items to various departments of Bell Laboratories.

I suspect that over the past 60 years or so there has been some reverse engineering and the creation of this type of equipment, which is not as difficult as what seems obvious to visitors. -Doctor. Edgar Mitchell, the sixth astronaut who made a walk on the moon

Sunny Observer: The Secret Space Program

According to ufologists and other people who have encountered secret materials during their work in space and government agencies, there is a secret space program called Solar Warden: Solar Warden supports a number of fleets that work in our solar system: their goal from Earth Defense to Research Outer space. Solar Warden uses reverse engineering technology: the use of elements and materials available only in space, this program has been functioning for many years, and everything happens in secret, in space.

Does this sound like a Hollywood scenario? Well, it might sound just like this, but just an image of the technologies and funds that agencies around the world have. Not everything that you see is true, but it can be interpreted and vice versa. There are so many things about which most of us have no idea.

Let us recall Tesla for a moment, and Tesla countless inventions that are clearly ahead of their time. From UFOs to advanced systems of motion, Tesla was a man who foresaw the future ahead of us all.

Do you think that the Solar Warden exists? Is it possible that we are changing the artificial alien technology and use it in our interests? Many people believe that we have reverse engineering of other people’s equipment, and that Solar Warden is just a small part of the truth, hidden from the public.

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