A whimsical levitating woman, who appeared on Mars, spies on the curiosity of Rover NASA

UFO enthusiasts have recently stumbled upon this strange sight from the Martian soil, which strongly resembles the woman or spirit of a woman standing on top of a rock. While some signs can be identified, for example, two weapons that look lighter than the rest of the body, a light face and long black hair on the shoulders, it’s not clear enough if the alleged woman is alive or only a statue,

According to someone else’s observer Scott K. Waring, a woman can be alive or can be a real statue of a former Martian resident. According to his analysis:

It is difficult to say whether this living being or the statue of the creature is alive long ago. However, the statue that the little one would have been destroyed and destroyed easily, so he has a higher chance of being a living being. He also looks at the lover’s lover, watching him from afar. It’s about 8-10 cm. It looks real. And this should apply to every country in the world. There is life.

Despite the fact that the NASA Curiosity rover returned a lot of promising photos of the alleged Martian artifacts, creatures and even artificial structures or remnants of the former civilization, we must admit that this photo of a Martian woman can only be an anomaly resulting in a phenomenon. The phenomenon known as pareidolia, When the brain directs its eyes to view known objects and forms in textures and patterns.

However, since much of the Earth beyond our understanding and earthly expectations, we do not exclude the possibility that these women are a real phenomenon. If what we see is a spirit or even an alien similar to us, we can only guess, but at the moment, probably, it is.

The official image is here.

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