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Alien Implants Found In X-rays – Taken Out With Surgery

The Alien implants taken out of people in the last 30 years is absolutely frightening and very eye opening. It’s eye opening because these guys had no recollection of them being put inside of them. So, in theory – you too could have an Alien implant inside of you without knowing about it.FacebookTwitterEmailChia sẻ

Surgery, the absolute last thing you’d ever expect to need when you “just had an awful feeling” that you had an Alien implant inside you. But, simply put it’s happened like that many times. Lot’s of people around the world seem to get a strange often awful feeling that they have a foreign implant in them and it turns out they do. Is this “strange and often awful feeling” a mild allergic reaction or just our bodies reacting to it… to get rid of it.

What we know about Alien implants is down to a few experts

It’s by dedicated and kind people that we know as much as we do “right now” because of the research into Alien implants of Podiatric surgeon Roger Leir , chemist material scientist (and nano tube technological expert) Steve Colbern and physicist Robert Koontz. These guys have taken out, examined, researched and then put back together these very undeserving people. They did not deserve to be targeted and against their will have implants put into their body. It’s distressing when taking it out. It’s got to be harrowing to know you have for sure (because of X-Rays) Alien looking implants inside your body, especially in your spine.

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The implant below was taken out of a victim and that is the craziest looking and scariest looking foreign object to have been put in you against your consent and your knowledge.

Discovery, During routine X-rays and MRI’s, alleged abductees sometimes discover unexplained objects in their body. Neither their doctor nor the abductee is able to explain how these objects got there.

RFID Chip’s removed from people’s bodies

Here’s what Wikipedia say’s about RFID:

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses electromagnetic fields to automatically identify and track tags attached to objects. An RFID tag consists of a tiny radio transponder; a radio receiver and transmitter. When triggered by an electromagnetic interrogation pulse from a nearby RFID reader device, the tag transmits digital data, usually an identifying inventory number, back to the reader. This number can be used to inventory goods.

Removal, Implants are often found in the brain, hand, leg or ear. Some can be removed, others cannot. It depends where they are located in the body. Some naturally dislodge after a period of time.

Alien Implants have been found inside people from here to Timbuktu

There’s only one surgeon who is active in taking out the Alien Implants and he’s widely accepted as genuine, honest and respected in his field. It’s because he let’s the evidence speak for itself. All of the Alien implants are well documented and bagged and tagged, sorted and stored.

This is an official photograph of an Alien looking implant. It was discovered when the person whose body this was in started to have a feeling there was something inside their body. Gathering the evidence is a top priority for surgeon who took the implant out.


  • aliens have been here on earth for thousands of years.
  • If Aliens exist why haven’t they showed themselves to the people of this Earth? This is my biggest concern.
  • Implants are used by Aliens, business, wildlife experts.

If ever you needed evidence, like hard and physical evidence that Aliens exist and have been abducting people then this is it. How else did the Aliens get the implants into these victims? They must of been taken against their will as they can’t remember it ever happening.

Numerous implants have been removed and studied. The implants are generally no more than 3cm (1 inch) long and 1mm (1/16 of an inch) in thickness. The implant is wire-shaped and under an electron microscope appears to have a complex structure containing many different layers. Tests have shown that the implant is composed of a variety of metals and alloys.

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