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Aliens ‘already exist on earth’, Bulgarian scientists claim

Aliens from outer space are already among us on earth, say Bulgarian government scientists who claim they are already in contact with extraterrestrial life.

Work on deciphering a complex set of symbols sent to them is underway, scientists from the country’s Space Research Institute said.

They claim aliens are currently answering 30 questions posed to them.

Lachezar Filipov, deputy director of the Space Research Institute of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, confirmed the research.

He said the centre’s researchers were analysing 150 crop circles from around the world, which they believe answer the questions.

“Aliens are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time,” Mr Filipov told Bulgarian media. “They are not hostile towards us, rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them.”

Mr Filipov said that even the seat of the Catholic church, the Vatican, had agreed that aliens existed.

He said humans were not going to be able to establish contact with the extraterrestrials through radio waves but through the power of thought.

“The human race was certainly going to have direct contact with the aliens in the next 10 to 15 years,” he said. “Extraterrestrials are critical of the people’s amoral behavior referring to the humans’ interference in nature’s processes.”

The publication of the BAS researchers report concerning communicating with aliens comes in the midst of a controversy over the role, feasibility, and reform of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

It lead to a heated debate between Bulgaria’s Finance Minister, Simeon Djankov, and President Georgi Parvanov.

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  1. Martin Shane GoldStein


    UFOS and Extraterrestrials. Do they exist? Insofar as I am concerned….. yes they do! Abductions? Yes, and my personal experience was indeed….troubling.

    First the UFOs. I was sitting with some friends on the front stoop in front of my Grandparent’s apartment In Bensonhurst Brooklyn New York when I happened to look up. What must have been a few hundred feet above the elevated train line….there hovered a tear-shaped vehicle. It was a metallic electric blue in color, except for the transparent dome just forward of the craft. I could clearly see ‘images’ behind the dome, and I knew that we were being observed. There was a series of pulsating lights just under the craft. I was not the least bit frightened. My friends took off as though their pants were on fire. I told my Grandfather about the sighting, and he wasn’t at all surprised. He told me that there were many such sightings in Russia.

    Early one evening during a pleasant stroll with my Grandfather along the Coney Island Boardwalk we stopped and leaned on the wooden railing. A few minutes later we saw six silver cylinders raise up out of the water just offshore. They hovered for a few minutes, veered up, and with amazing speed soared up into the night sky.

  2. Martin Shane GoldStein


    This ‘alien’ encounter occurred at the Hollywood Florida Food Fair supermarket where I was the assistant night dairy manager. I was stocking merchandise when the feeling that someone was ‘watching’ me prompted my turning around. My eyes beheld the most amazingly beautiful lady I have ever seen looking at me.
    Her complexion was a deep olive, and she radiated what I can only describe as an inner warmth. Her gorgeous face was oval-shaped. Her eyes were incredible! Large, dark, and almond-shaped, they sparkled as though with an inner fire. Her thick dark brown almost black hair was cut short. She was about five feet tall, with a slim athletic build. She looked directly into my eyes and asked me the strangest thing. “What do you want to accomplish in your life?” At the time, my lot was pure turmoil. I told her that I wanted to be the Dairy Manager. She gently shook her beautiful head and walked away. I wish she had looked into my heart, maybe the turnout would have been different. A few weeks later I was offered a promotion, but not the much-needed raise. I politely objected to the ill-treatment and ended up with no position at all. I never saw that lady again.

  3. Martin Shane GoldStein

    Creepy Encounter

    Alien Abduction?

    The beach was a great comfort to me. The beautiful clear evening star-studded sky….the soothing sound of the surf. They were a balm to my troubled spirit and aching heart. It was about 2:30 am when I left the beach. On the way home I stopped to look at the new foreign cars on display behind the showroom window. Displayed was the Isetta, also known as the bubble, and the Messerschmidt. Then I resumed my walk home. After a few minutes into my walk, I had a ‘creepy’ feeling that I was being followed. I turned to see four tall slender individuals dressed in what appeared to be gray form-fitting overalls. I remember the feeling that I must getaway, but nothing after that. About 5:30 Am…I found my self once again lying on the beach, with four hours missing from my life.

  4. It was 12midnight when I walk back to my dormitory after having a 15 hours resesrch study on different bacterial multiplications…that was on March 23, 1983 ..i was at the middle of the football field when i was spotted by a beam of very bright ligth coming from a flying object on the sky…i stared at something oval shaped hovering above me at a distance with a sparkling lasers of light of different colors coming from a flying object….i stared at it at about a minute or two . …after the lightbeam was turned off…it flew at a very fast speed forming a triangle ….i havent heard a sound….but i noticed that the speed was ridiculously too fast and it vanished away…i went to my dormintory ..whom my room mates are waiting….when i arrrived at the dorm…i want to tell my room mates that I have something very strange outside….but surprisingly …my mouth cannot give sound…i noticed that my vocal chord isnt working…so..i decided to write it in a piece of paper …i wrote…UFO outside….they went out to see….i believe.. they manipulated me in order to escape…..it was so amazing…that made me believe in the existence of the aliens in our planet….i am just so lucky that i was not abducted….maybe…if i had met their requirements in intel quotient….i have had abducted….

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