Anunnaki Golden UFO, shot at a distance spitting the ISS

Close, but a cigar

On December 5, the NASS Live ISS stream gave us one more convincing proof that the space station is regularly researched and analyzed by various crafts and objects. This time the protagonist of the show was a classic object in the field of ufology of the cigar gold UFO.

Spotted veteran UFO hunter Streetcap1, the UFO was present on live feed, so thousands must have seen it when he made his sneaky look. In the video uploaded on YouTube, a long metal UFO is seen very close to the space station.

This is an unidentified flying object near the ISS. In the end, it simply disappears. You can notice very fast red flashes next to it.

He definitely has some kind of motor system, since you can see the shooting and the emission of red flashes with time intervals, perhaps its own stabilizers are activated to synchronize it with the ISS.

Even more intriguing is the bright blue flash from the side of the objects. Our own ships do not do this, but an advanced UFO capable of using zero point energy from the so-called vacuum can correspond to the bill.

Although we are not in focus, we can see that the object is durable in nature and, apparently, made of gold material. Could it really be the gold that covers the outside of this ship?

Precious metal is a very good conductor of electricity and is also very resistant to corrosion. It is also very likely that gold has some other interesting properties when it comes to space travel, but we have not yet mastered this technology, so we do not know what.

What we know from our historical relationship with this brilliant chemical element is that gold has an inexplicable attraction to the human mind. This fascination could easily be explained in the context of our history as the Anunnaki children. They came here to take the gold of the Earth, and in this process they created mankind as a suitable labor force for processing the extraction process.

Their need and love for precious metal had to shape their interests to such an extent, probably rubbed on our ancestors and never broke away.

Bearing this in mind, is it possible that this cigar-shaped golden UFO can be one of their ships? Countless theories claim that, although they are gone, Anunnaki still monitors our progress as a species. For them, our own foray into outer space should seem to be a reflection of their own character, forever inscribed in our genome.

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