Armenian Major: I have proof that the Pentagon’s missile strike 9/11

[Yn] A retired US Army major says he has evidence that the Pentagon was hit by a 9/11 missile rather than an airplane, according to an official report.

In an interview with Albert N. Stubblebine III says that he can finally prove that the Pentagon was not hurt by the Boeing 757. reports:

All the sensors around the Pentagon were off, except for one. This one sensor captured the image of the object that hit the Pentagon. It looked like a rocket. But after it became public, the image was changed to look like an airplane.

The collapse of the twin towers was caused by controlled demolition, rather than fuel from the aircraft.

Larry Silverstein, the owner of the WTC lease, admitted that this building 7, which was not damaged by the aircraft and had only a small fire, was deliberately pulled out, which is the phraseology used for controlled demolition.

On that day, all air defense systems around Washington were turned off.

Also on September 9, an exercise was conducted to simulate the attack on the towers by airplanes.

When you connect DOT, the picture says that what we were told by the media was not a real story.

Stubblebine, clearly frustrated, describes how he felt when he realized the truth about his government after having firmly believed in his country from early childhood. My belief system has been so strong since five years that I could remember how I stood on the parade in front of no one told me to do it at West Point.

Below are some entries from the interview, including a partial transcript. (Be sure to follow everything until the very end, where you can see the deep pain on his face when he remembered the moment when he realized that his government, the government he proudly served for more than 30 years, was not that He thought was):

5:15 The wolf’s leg hears of the September 11 attacks: were at war.

6:00 Stubblebine said that there must have been intelligence information to know that the attack is on and we did not see any signals. Someone missed it.

6:35 At first he believed that this was a terrorist act committed by other forces: not my government.

7:45 Stubblebine then saw a photograph of the Pentagon with a hole in the Pentagon supposedly made by a Boeing 757. Something’s not right. Something is wrong with this picture

8:30 Something’s wrong. And so I analyzed this not just in photos, I took measurements that checked the plane, the length of the nose where there were wings, I measured the Pentagon by the depth of destruction in the Pentagon.

9:05 Conclusion: the plane did not make this hole.

9:10 I became public at the time. I consider myself the highest officer who has ever published. The official history was not true.

9:25 I was very careful not to say what it was, because I could not prove it. I was careful to say that it was not an airplane, because I can prove that it was not an airplane.

9:45 In the hole, however, there was a turbine that looked like a turbine from a rocket that I can not prove, I do not know. But there was something there that did not look like an engine from an airplane, but it looked like a turbine from a rocket.

10:10 Later I saw another photo taken by one of the sensors outside the Pentagon. Now all the sensors were turned off, which is interesting, is not it? On that day, why would all the sensors around the Pentagon be turned off? This is strange. It does not matter to me what an excuse it is. This is strange. There was one that apparently did not shut down. And in this picture, flying into the Pentagon, you see this object, and it clearly gets to the Pentagon. When you look at it, it does NOT look like an airplane. Sometime later, after Eid became public, these images were changed. He had a new suit, which now looked like an airplane. But, when you’re renting a suit, it’s more like a rocket that does not look like an airplane.

11:30 Let me return to the next very important piece of information. The amount of energy to melt the beams, the steel in the tower can not be brought to the melting point with the fuel that was in the plane. Impossible! Thus, any melting did not occur as a result of a blow from the aircraft. Dot. I call this a point. OK? DOT.

12:10 When you look at the tower that goes down, what you see on every floor is the successive clouds of smoke: puff, puff, puff, puff all over. What are the holes? Well, they claim they are from collapsing floors. No. No. These clouds of smoke are controlled by tolerable work. This is exactly what they are, because that’s how they work. And so, the fact that the plane hit, it happened, it did not cause such a collapse of the building. The collapse of the building was caused by a controlled demolition.

13:05 Fact: Building 7 Silverberg, I believe this is the name of the owner (his name is actually Larry Silverstein), was on video and you could see building 7. And, there was a fire in building 7, there is no doubt about it. No aircraft hit him. I guess the fire happened because of the garbage, but I’m not even sure about it. But in the lower right corner of the building there was a fire not a very big fire. It looks like he did not get out of control. This, of course, was in a small part of the building. But then he’s heard on the video, and he says, “Pull it.” Then the building collapsed. What does this mean? Let me tell you. This is the order of controlled demolition. It’s a phraseology used to blow something up.

CLN Editorial note: Stubblebine got confused with its facts about the video Siverstein, which you can see here. A video interview with PBS with Silverstein, which was withdrawn after 9 September. The footage of building 7, going down, is a historical frame, and not alive during the interview. Nevertheless, Silverstein does say that he gave the order to pull it out.

15:00 That day all air defense systems in this part of the country were turned off. All air defense systems were shut down. Why would you disable all air defense systems on that particular day, if you did not know that something would happen? This is the point. His information. But, strangely, that day everything turned off. DOT.

15:50 There was an exercise intended for air defense systems, which was an attack on the towers by airplanes. Is it not strange that we had an exercise that mimicked what actually happened? It’s strange that we planned an exercise that was exactly what happened. And at the same time, air defense systems were turned off. Do not you find this strange? I think this is really strange? DOT. Just some of the information.

16:50 But how does this relate to everything else? So, you see the points. You have all these points. Theyre just a bit of information. But that’s how the intellectual world works. Here you get some information. A little here, and a little here. And, pretty soon you have a picture. For me, what does the picture say? The picture says that what we heard and said in the newspapers, in the media, was not a true story. There’s enough doubt in official history where the story absolutely does not match what happened. They paint a different picture than the one that was broadcast to the media.

17:45 How easy it is for you to shift your belief system, I fully believe in my government, that my God! What’s happening? That’s exactly where I went in all this. Because my belief system was so strong from the age of five when I could remember that I was standing on the front platform, and no one told me to do it at West Point. I did it because I wanted to do it because I believed it! And then he will go to the military academy and serve, defending

18:30 The real story was, I have a question, I think. The real story for me is this: who was the real enemy? Who participated in this? Who planned this attack? Why was this planned? Were the real terrorists people in Arab clothes? Or, were the real people who planned this, the people sitting in power in the White House?

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