Atlantis FOUND? “8.5-mile pyramid” found on the ocean floor

The structure, estimated as being between 3.5 and 11 miles across, was seen on Google Earth in the Pacific Ocean west of Mexico. The video of the opening, uploaded to YouTube, attracted extensive reflections on what it could be, including the ancient wrecked city, the Bizarre UFO or even the alien base. “Opening” made the Argentine Marcelo Igasusta.

“Pyramid”, on the left, and Chichen Itza, Mexico

He says in a video about the find that an alien UFO has remained under water. The video commentary described it as “intense light in the Pacific” 3.5 miles long, with a shape similar to the plane. Scott Waring, a conspiracy theorist, said: “This is an ideal pyramid that measures more than 8.5 miles on one side of its base. Thats a conservative estimate, it can be up to 11 miles through.

He suggested that this could symbolize an ancient civilization or even something alien.

Conspiracy theorists argue that it may be an underwater ancient pyramid or even associated with aliens.

The 8.5-mile pyramid … is the largest in the world that has ever known, and its right to leave Mexico, next to the ancient Mayan and Aztec pyramids.

Scott S Waring

He said: Even if it is not a UFO landed in the ocean, which was used as an alien foundation, it is still a monumental discovery.

“The 8.5-mile pyramid … the largest world that was ever known, and its right from Mexico, near the ancient Mayan pyramids and the Aztecs.”

His reasoning that aliens can be involved?

He said: “People could never build such a structure. Only aliens could make such a massive structure. ”

Case is closed?

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