Black holes, gateways to other worlds: a new theory says that there can be NINE dimensions

A new revolutionary theory changes everything that we believed in the universe. Perhaps it sounds like science fiction, but researchers point out that three dimensions of space may not be the only dimensions. A new theory in particle physics indicates that there can be NINE DIMENSIONS, and black holes can be the final key to achieve them.

What does this mean? Well, just put it, it means that BLACK HOLES can be PORTALS to another universe.

In order to get to the bottom, scientists at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) carefully follow the evidence.

In fact, in particle physics, there are many theories that are considered signaling signs of what is MORE for the universe than what meets the eye.

These fascinating NEW measurements could answer most questions, from quantum physics to gravity.

One such theory (the BRANE THEORY) indicates that multiple dimensions can obscure the presence of other universes.

Bran’s theory suggests that instead of being particles, the main building blocks of nature, instead of being particles, can be planes, strings and generalized generalizations collectively called branes, said Chris White, a physicist at Queen’s University London’s Queen’s University.

The equations of string theory, which necessarily include branes, make sense only in 9 spatial dimensions, and not in the three that we observe.

The so-called bites can be in 9-dimensional space. When time is included as another dimension, we get ten measurements.

You see that, in your opinion, there can be black holes connecting nearby branes through a pipe of distorted space-time, with gravity from each brane attracting others, said Dr. Christoph Galfard. In his book “The Universe in Your Hand”.

You suddenly wonder whether, perhaps, other people living in these branes can. Can black holes be a gap between your world and them?

In order to finally understand how many dimensions there are, and whether the alleged control signals can be anything real, using the Great Hardon-Collider at CERN in Geneva, researchers look more at the signs of an extra dimension, and one of them is Tiny Black Holes.

Dr. White added that the LHC can make small black holes if there are additional sizes of the right size. They would quickly decompose, but left a sharp burst of radiation in the detectors!

When we think about black holes, most of us tend to believe that they are MASSIVE, monstrous objects in space, but NASA researchers believe in the existence of primordial black holes of just one atom.

A black hole is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not escape. The force of gravity is so strong that the matter was compressed into a tiny space.

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