Buckingham Palace recognizes that Queen Elizabeth is “not a man”

The statement published that she is a reptile cotswitch

The Royal Family’s official website published a statement in which it is acknowledged that the queen was a changeable reptile before she was quickly removed.

Despite the fact that the press release was only on the site for a short time, the people who reviewed it were able to capture screenshots about the admission, and more importantly, the page was indexed by Google, which meant that it was displayed in search engine results.

It is believed that the extraordinary article was a very secret document that had been prepared in advance if the announcement had to be made after a large number of witnesses reported that they had seen Her Majesty as a reptile.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the document was published on the Royal website after a public appearance, during which thousands of people came to Twitter, saying that they saw how she discovered herself as a reptile before Twitter reacted by removing such tweets.

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The message was live for a short while, but users were able to get screenshots before they were deleted

YNW reports: the employees of the Palace acknowledged that more and more people are catching the queen’s views in her reptilian form, and the statement was prepared in advance. The press release does not use the word reptile, but refers to the queen and other members. The royal household differs from the person and recognizes that humanity has evolved to such an extent that more people than ever before can see these others in their true form . I pay tribute to dedication, selfless devotion and generosity of spirit, manifested by my millions of human subjects. And I fully expect that they digest this news in a mature and modest way.

Nothing changed. Together we will go further.

The insider’s palace claims that the press release was most likely published by junior IT staff, however, it is unclear whether it should be considered an accident or an intentional leak.

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The article was indexed by Google before it was deleted

All the senior staff of the palace know that the queen is different, but the protocol does not allow them to use the word reptiles in her presence. There is an implicit understanding. We accept this. Her differences allow her to rule absolutely and with power over humanity, an employee of the chamber said: “Jay Greenberg / Source

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