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Are Aliens Harvesting Stars for Energy (KIC 8462852)?

At UFO Insight, we recently covered a story regarding the unique discovery of an odd star. This star behaved in a different manner to anything else we have found in the universe. Indeed, it kind of breaks typical protocol – and this has people talking about what the cause may be. From …

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Human Cattle Mutilation: The Grim And Chilling Claims

Most of us have heard of cattle mutilations – perhaps even seen disturbing pictures of such incidents. While most can put these incidents out of their minds as simply “something strange that happens”, if it came to the discovery of a person with such precise mutilations, surely the response would …

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Are Aliens Tracking Abductees With Implants?

The most controversial aspect of the UFO/ET phenomenon — and by far the most bone-chilling — has to be that of alien abduction. Implants show up in x-rays. Typically, under regressive hypnosis an abductee speaks of aliens immobilizing their body… levitating them from their bed to an ‘operating table’ aboard …

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