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When and Where Aliens Just Might Eat You – So Some Say

Tales of an alleged, massive, multi-leveled underground base at the town of Dulce, New Mexico abound. Largely, the stories began during the controversial saga of Paul Bennewitz, a scientist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico at the time. We’re talking about roughly from 1979 to the mid-1980s. Bennewitz was subjected to a wave …

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The Dogon Sirius Mystery

At the time it was first proposed by Robert Temple in his book The Sirius Mystery, the fact that the Dogon tribe of West Africa had knowledge of star systems that even the modern world had yet to confirm, combined with their creation stories of entities from other worlds in this …

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Weird Alien Body Was Found in Meteorite. Unbelievable !!

Last year on September 22, in southern Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, a meteor crash at 8:30 on the same day afternoon, in the hill a giant fireball flying over the Moore town exploded and accompanied by a roar suddenly fall to the ground. The whole Moore town was power outage temporarily. …

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Top 10 Proof of Anunnaki Aliens Among Us

The word “Anunnaki” means ‘princely blood’ also the father and kings of god. In the past the anunnaki transferred the knowledge to ancient man. They are also aware of the people who came from heaven or stars. During 19th century the archaeologists of ancient Nineveh found 22,000 clay tablets connected …

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Imagine my disappointment when I discovered that someone had already found this UFO type Alien technology/machine or possible structure on the Moon. I was really gutted at first but then I realised who had found it and I was OK with that, as it was Scott C Waring from the …

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UFO is Filmed By NASA ISS Footage

This video shows us what we all know anyways, that NASA “has and is”, involved in covering up UFO evidence and hence, covering up Alien life – but intelligent life as well. Why are they doing this – is the new question on the block. Why are NASA lying, has …

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