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The 1926 Maitland UFO Lights

For several weeks during the summer of 1926, residents of Maitland in Canada would experience several strange waves of bizarre overhead lights in the night sky. What’s more, these lights were witnessed by multiple members of the population, and would, as we will examine a little shortly, had brief details …

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The myriad of sightings and abduction cases have allowed us to differentiate the alien species that are currently involved in altering mankind’s development without our consent. Below you will find 4 of the most manipulative and dangerous of them all. The Anunnaki A large number of astronomers believe there exists …

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A Curious Case of a Dead Alien Humanoid in Sweden

Aliens and encounters with strange humanoids are one thing, but quite another is when these creatures are found dead or dying, leaving behind riddles that we may never solve. Such cases are rare, but they seem to happen all over the world, and never cease to amaze with the potential …

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Russians claim aliens are real

The Russians claim that the aliens are real, as they have known about extraterrestrial civilizations for several decades. Respected military and government scientists have been trying to talk about this for some time: The Russians claim that aliens are real . In the vast majority of cases, the mainstream media treat this …

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Antikythera Mechanism, an Alien Heritage with High Technology

The “Antikythera mechanism” has a high level of astronomical knowledge or scientific technology, which is probably the scientific heritage passed down to ancient Greece by highly intelligent earthmen or aliens in very ancient times. In 1990, when a group of divers carried out sponge collection operations in the sea near …

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Alien Artificial Intelligence is out there

“I do not believe that most advanced alien civilizations will be biological,” says Susan Schneider of the University of Connectict and the Institute for Advanced Studies at Princeton. ”The most sophisticated civilizations will be postbiological, forms of artificial intelligence or alien superintelligence.” Schneider is one of the few thinkers – …

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