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The Mysterious Contact Memories Of Herbert Schirmer

It wouldn’t be until Officer Herbert Schirmer agreed to undergo hypnotic regression that he would recall in full the events of a cold December evening in Ashland, Nebraska. Not only did he recall going on board a strange hovering object, but also the information its occupants would volunteer to him. …

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UFOs, Aliens, And Contact Events In Ancient Writings?

If you subscribe to the Ancient Astronaut Theory, then the idea of UFO sightings in the past is nothing new. And while its very much down to interpretation, many ancient writings appear to be full of references to extra-terrestrial activity. Recently even NASA would state that there was a remarkable …

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Occult, Satanic, And Alien Connections To “The Elite!”

Anyone who follows the various conspiracies surrounding the world’s “elite” will be familiar with the constant claims of connections to Satanism and the Occult. Of course, to most, the idea of Satan is connected to evil, death, and suffering. In short, Satan would be the absolute enemy of humanity. Although …

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Just What Is The Alien Agenda?

If we accept that UFOs are indeed the product of intelligent life from elsewhere, then the sheer number of sightings, both in modern times and across recorded history, suggests aliens have been visiting the Earth for at least thousands of years, if not much longer. If this is the case, …

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The Extraordinary Claims Of Betty Andreasson

Although not the first high-profile claim of alien abduction, the extraordinary case of Betty Andreasson is considered by many to be one of the most important and unique. Not least because the incidents stretch over several decades and share details with many other cases over the years. Following her reports …

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The Boianai Visitants Over Papua New Guinea

At a time when Papua New Guinea was a territory of Australia, in the summer of 1959, Anglican missionary, Father William Gill, would begin to hear about UFO sightings in the area he was about to visit. These would culminate in consecutive nights of incidents witnessed by himself and thirty-seven …

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