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The Fort Monmouth UFO Incident

The UFO incident tracked from Fort Monmouth is one of the most detailed not to mention authentic UFO incidents on record. Not least due to the barrage of released official documents due to Freedom of Information requests. The events of September 1951 are perhaps one of the most important on record, and …

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The 1977 Colares Island Incident

Sometimes referred to as the Colares Islands Invasion, the events which began in the summer of 1977 and would result in an official Brazilian Air Force operation that would stretch into 1978 is one of the most intense waves of UFO activity ever witnessed. During the several months of the …

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Huge Dome And Pyramid Structure Found on Google Mars

Wait, it get’s better because these are official NASA photos When was the last time you saw something this good like a huge dome and Pyramid structure found on Google Mars? Okay, it was probably about an hour ago or less because if Mars is one thing for sure, it’s absolutely in-stock with anomalies. That’s …

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The Trans-en-Provence UFO Landing

An incident in January 1981 had only a single witness, but it was one that left behind apparent physical evidence of its visit. And what’s more, this evidence was examined and photographed by both the witness, local police, and investigators within days of the landing. That isn’t to say the …

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The Odessa Radio Tower UFO Incident

Asighting of a UFO over a radio tower for around an hour in Odessa, Texas in the summer of 1973 is a case that, according to many UFO researchers who have since examined it, should have a greater standing in the UFO history books. Not least due to the multiple …

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Strange Statue on Mars Looks Like A Turret

Ancient Aliens On Mars? Do These NASA Images Show Statues On The Red Planet and if so does that mean we’re not alone in the universe or does it mean that at one point in history there was a race or species of beings once thriving (as it looks like …

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