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Legends Of The Night Marchers Of Hawaii

The islands of Hawaii are as mysterious as they are beautiful, with a history that stretches back thousands of years. As we might expect such a location also harbors many intriguing legends from ancient times. Just one of these legends is that of the Night Marchers, apparent manifestations of warriors …

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A Night At A Hotel 70 Years In The Past!

Surprisingly or not, there are many accounts of people stepping from one era into another on record. These apparent time slips can seemingly happen anywhere in the world and appear out of nowhere. Often without those involved in them fully realizing what is happening. One particularly intriguing case occurred in …

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Legends, Myths, And Folklore Of Hawaii

We have examined in detail the legends of the Night Marchers from Hawaii previously. However, the islands have an abundance of legends and folklore to its name, some of which stretch back hundreds and thousands of years. And while this is undoubtedly a testament to the rich history and culture …

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The Truth Behind Apollo 18 and the Missing Moon Rocks

For anyone who is into a bit of conspiracy theory, it’s not too hard to find some good source material in the modern world. Conspiracies exist in every single avenue of life these days, with people from all over the world holding various views and opinions on things that “must” …

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