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“Ghost” Lifts Camera At The Haunted Woolton Hall

A team of paranormal investigators were exploring the allegedly haunted Woolton Hall in Liverpool, England, when something seemingly grabbed one of their cameras and started filming its own footage. Woolton Hall was constructed in 1704 for the Molyneux family and later went through a bunch of renovations in 1722. Throughout history, …

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Space Station Crew Finds the Leak by Reading Tea Leaves

It’s a well-known but seldom publicized technique used by many police departments – when a case has everyone baffled, bring in a psychic. It can’t hurt and occasionally helps – even if it’s just to come up with some angles the cops hadn’t considered. NASA and Roscosmos have been dealing …

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Strange Cases of Sinister and Deadly Paranormal Clouds

Within the world of the paranormal there are numerous strange cases of all manner of the strange and the bizarre. Everything from alien entities, to weird humanoids, to foul monsters have made the rounds, and there are many permutations within these various phenomena. One place that gets very little attention …

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Gigantic Feline Geoglyph Discovered In Peru’s Nazca Desert

A giant 121-foot-long geoglyph depicting a cat has been discovered etched into a hillside located in Peru’s Nazca Desert. This feline geoglyph remained undiscovered for almost 2,000 years until it was found by workers who were fixing the visitors’ lookout point. The mysterious Nazca Lines are a group of geoglyphs …

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Assorted Bizarre Tales of People Abducted by Fairies

For centuries there have been legends and lore about mysterious spiritual entities commonly referred to as Fairies. Also known as Faeries, the Fae, and numerous other names, they permeate countless stories and legends since time unremembered, with appearances and origins as varied as the different cultures and people who believe …

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Halloween: It’s That Time of Year Again

The hungry ghost phenomenon is predominantly an entity that had its origins in the religions and lore of India and Japan. It does, however, have its western equivalent. This particular hungry ghost surfaces from its dark lair on what is without doubt the spookiest night of the year. And, what night might …

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