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Image Credit/NASA/USGS/Google/Mars Anomaly research Your eyes are not deceiving you, it does say indeed that there’s a train with tracks and a possible station which been found on Mars. What’s more is that this was discovered a long time ago in 2011 but hardly anyone knows about it, why is …

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12 Separate UFOs Caught by Satellite on Google Earth

12 UFOs caught on satellite camera. This UFO sighting was absolutely by chance, it was caught on satellite camera flying over the Amazon in the Rondonia in Brazil. The North Western part of Brazil is very much just the Amazon in every direction. FacebookTwitterEmailShare I’m amazed how little people are …

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Flying Saucer And Unknown Craft at Air Display

When people say UFO photos are always blurred and you research Ufology and discover clear footage of UFOs and Flying Saucers they then turn around and say it’s to clear it looks fake. This is a really clear UFO image that shows a UFO and Flying saucer together, I hope …

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