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Mexican Air Force Chased a Huge UFO Formation

The Mexican Air Force is a fine military unit with a very proud history which is splendid in all aspects of it’s formation. So, chasing down a large UFO formation however proved a bit to much as it would for any Air Force in the world. These UFOs where just …

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NASA Turns Off ISS Live Feed Because Of Large UFO

Yes, NASA turns off the cameras everytime they see a UFO or debris and basically everytime an unknown object comes in to it’s field of view which in my view jeopardizes the astronauts safety at the very least. Don’t you think that is just slightly unusual that everytime “anything” unusual …

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You’ve never seen a better UFO video from space! This is what makes me a believer.This video of two UFOs visiting the Shuttle is absolutely stunning if true. It looks, feels and has an air of authenticity surrounding it. I’m convinced only until proven otherwise? I know it’s hard to …

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Flying Saucer Filmed As It Falls Out The Sky

Here’s a really quick Flying Saucer video with all the bells and whistles, it’s silver metallic with tiny flashing lights around it’s perimeter. It has my vote as been real. A Flying Saucer Filmed As It Falls Out The Sky, I decided to do this post because it is important. …

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Woman in St Helens Films UFO Over A Few Nights

Until recently I didn’t notice that there was any similar looking features that linked these spherical, round, Button UFOs and it’s not something people look for right! But, I started to notice the exact same Button design with 3 or more exact same features. It’s kind of like a rule, …

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UFO Mothership Releasing A Metallic Sphere Drone

This is one for the books as a UFO Mothership is filmed releasing what looks like a metallic sphere or drone over the sea. There are many amazing things going on with this and it looks like it could be the real deal? As far as information goes, there is …

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