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The 1963 UFO Encounter Over The Atlantic Ocean

An apparent incident involving a “gigantic cigar-shaped UFO” somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean in May 1963 would remain unreported for almost 20 years until the editorial team behind Flying Saucer Review magazine received a letter in late 1980 from the witness to the affair. UFO emerging from the water (artist’s …

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The 1964 UFO Wave

All of the UFO waves of the modern UFO era had their own certain angle of uniqueness to them. And 1964 was no different. For example, although there are several accounts on record previously, the 1964 UFO wave appeared to lean heavily to encounters that featured strange aerial vehicles landing …

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The Weyauwega UFO Incident – Alien Craft Captured On Film?

On a cold, winter’s afternoon in Wisconsin in February 2003, a mother and son would be the unsuspecting witnesses of a bizarre disc-shaped UFO flying overhead. And what’s more, by pure chance of their other activities, the witness happened to have a camera to hand, even managing to capture several …

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The Eccentric, Outrageous Side Of UFO Culture

Many people who view the UFO community from the outside will often do so from a viewpoint that it is made up of “cranks and crackpots” who are naïve at best or deceitful at their worst. And the truth of the matter is many inside UFO circles, at least in …

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The Daylight Discs Incident Of 1665 Stralsund, Germany

We have examined several historic UFO cases that happened long before the modern UFO era of the 1940s onwards. However, one particular sighting from 1665 in Stralsund in Germany stands out. Not least as it offers details that are almost identical to other similar sightings around Europe at (roughly) the …

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Hovering Triangle Over A Swindon Housing Estate

Asighting of a triangular object over a Swindon housing estate in October 2014, despite lasting no longer than 3 or 4 minutes, is another apparently random incident that contains an abundance of similarities with other cases. Was an alien craft hovering over Swindon in 2014? There are, as we know, …

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