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Chilling Legends From The World’s Most Haunted Roads

Given the sheer number of people that have trodden on them throughout the ages, on various journeys for a plethora of reasons, perhaps it is no wonder that some of the world’s roads and highways are also some of the most haunted places on Earth. And many of the world’s modern roads reside on top of grounds once home to civilizations long gone, quite possibly with an abundance of energy from long ago stored within and beneath their structures.

Haunted Road

It is quite possible, even probable, that there may one day be “reasonable” explanations for the multiple reports and stories of strange sightings and experiences on such apparently haunted roads. Until then, however, we need to accept that some regions of the Earth, some of them literally on our doorstep, is home to activity that is still unexplained.

Bloods Point Road in Illinois, for example, is quite possibly one of the most haunted roads in America. This lonely stretch is littered with paranormal activity, dark stories, and even tales of witchcraft. There are many accounts of fatal crashes on the road as well as accounts of phantom vehicles vanishing into thin air. There are also reports of several bizarre suicides at the railroad bridge at Blood Point. Sources differ, but between four and eight bodies have been discovered hanging from the bridge. Many others have flung themselves to their deaths here – including Arthur Blood, who founded the town in 1877. So intense is the activity that many people avoid using the road altogether. Those that do often report electronic malfunctions of their car’s equipment and radio.

Before we look at some of the world’s other most mysterious and haunting routes, check out the video below. It looks at Blood Point Road a little further.


Strange White Figures and “Possessed Animals!”

One of the strangest roads in the United States is perhaps Kelly Road in Pennsylvania. According to many reports from people who have traveled on this mile-stretch, it is a hot-spot for paranormal events. Many people who have pets and have traveled this road with them, state that they suddenly become violent-natured as if they are possessed. Strange noises are also reported from the thick and dense woodland that surrounds it. Even “white figures” are reported by many motorists. Some refer to this stretch of road as the Mystery Mile. Legends local to the area state the land is cursed by Native Americans, whose land the road now sits.

The spotting of “white figures” is interesting. Hicks Road in California has regular sightings of “white albino creatures” who venture to the roadside at night from the woodlands and mountains. Local legends state these albinos are cannibals who live in “shack-like huts off the beaten track”. Some people who have ventured down Hicks Road also report being chased by a rundown pick-up truck which suddenly disappears.

Although it is impossible to travel by car, the Lawler Ford Road in Missouri – better known as Zombie Road – is one of the most haunted in middle America. Still open to hikers, many people report seeing the spirits of Native Americans, groups of children, and industrial workers from long ago. Sightings of old Confederate soldiers from the Civil War are also common (this road was regularly used by soldiers during that time). Incidentally, it is also one of the largest Native American burial mounds in the United States.

The short video below looks at Zombie Road in a little more detail.

The Haunting Roads Of Suffolk County, New York

Mount Misery Road and Sweet Hollow Road are neighbors that run parallel to each other just outside of Manhattan. As well as sharing the same stretch of land in Suffolk County, New York, they also share a long history of bizarre and chilling tales.

Local history suggests that local Native American tribes “considered the area cursed” and wouldn’t enter set foot on it. When pilgrims arrived and “settled” the region, they happily ventured into the area. Since then the strange sightings and noises from the surrounding woodland have dominated local legends.

The roads themselves are over some of the most unforgiving terrains in the New York area and there are many crashes on record. One particular crash near the Northern State Parkway overpass would result in the death of a popular local woman. Not only are there several sightings of a mysterious lady near the overpass, there are tales of “invisible hands” pushing stranded motorists uphill to safety and out of harm’s way.

There are also more sinister tales from these roads, however, such as the policeman with the back of his head missing. Or the account which tells of an asylum which “burnt to the ground” after a patient set it on fire in order to kill herself. Accordingly, there are reports of “figures in white” who roam the area. Incidentally, this is very similar to the account at the “Seven Gates of Hell” in Pennsylvania.

The short video below looks at these New York roads in a little more detail.

Hallucination Inducing Roads and Strange Tunnels

The A3 Motorway, or at least a section of it, in Croatia is largely seen as one of the most bizarre in Europe. The stretch in question, in between Staro Petrovo Selo and Nova Gradiska, experiences some of the most unusual events on record. According to people local to the area, it is “dark forces” who are to blame, as “drivers experience hallucinations and unexplained phenomena!

There have been more than 2,000 accidents on this particular stretch of road, with just short of 200 injuries and over fifty deaths. People often report seeing ghostly figures at the side or in the middle of the road. There are also regular reports of a strange girl at the roadside, standing as if she is waiting for a lift. When drivers get out of their cars to help, the girl is nowhere to be seen.

The Belchen Tunnel on the A2 motorway between Basel and Chiasso in Switzerland is also home to a ghostly presence. Most specifically that of an old woman dressed completely in white, and consequently referred to as the “White Lady”.

The stories began almost as soon as the tunnel opened in the early 1960s, with many people reporting they had picked up the women as a hitchhiker. She would sometimes speak to the driver, often making predictions and warnings. As the vehicle entered the Belchen Tunnel, however, this mysterious lady would disappear from her seat. Some people report a similar story, only the person in white is a male hitchhiker. Perhaps, if we believe the accounts to be real, this suggests that the spirit can manifest itself in different forms.

The Roman Soldiers of the M6, United Kingdom

Should you decide to take a journey down the M6 in the United Kingdom, there is a chance you might see a legion of Roman soldiers marching alongside your vehicle, at least according to the legends. The majority of these sightings take place at Junction 19 of the north-south link to Rugby. What is perhaps interesting is that two major Roman roads existed close to Rugby – the Fosse Way and Watling Street, with great sections of both roads still existing today. Furthermore, these roads would both cross at what we call today, High Cross. In Roman times this meeting point was called Venonae and is just over ten miles from Rugby.

A Roman-British settlement and fort are still visible in High Cross today, and it is well documented that the Romans had a considerable presence in the UK. In October 2016, however, came the discovery of an ancient Roman settlement just outside of Rugby. The remains date back to between 1000 and 500BC. Along with the regular sightings of Roman soldiers on the M6 this may suggest the area to be one of unknown importance of an unknown event in Roman history – strong enough to have left such an impression of energy across the centuries.

It isn’t just Roman soldiers, however. There have been reports of strange activity since the road’s official opening in December 1958. Many “ghost cars” are seen on the side of the road as if they have been in a horrific accident. Perhaps more frightening, and dangerous, are the reports of the “phantom lorry” driving the wrong way down the motorway.

Lonely Road

Ghost Brides, Phantom Hitchhikers, and Vanishing Roads!

There are plenty of other spine-tingling sections of roads in the United Kingdom. The A229 in Kent, for example, has regular sightings of a lady dressed in white who appears on the road only to disappear again shortly after. What is particularly strange is that a young lady named, Judith Langham was knocked down and killed on this stretch of road in 1965. Furthermore, it was on her wedding day and she was wearing her bridal dress (some sources state the incident took place on her hen-night).

There is also the strange tales of people who have picked up a hitchhiker on this stretch of road. This talkative fellow is pleasant enough, only he suddenly vanishes once you leave the A229. Many people have reported this. We can only guess at how many others neglected to speak of their strange ordeals.

A section of road in South London, the A21 is even stranger. Many motorists report that the road simply disappears in front of them. This happens where the new section of the dual carriageway meets the Old Gracious Lane. As the road vanishes, another road “takes its place” which leads cars the wrong way. There are also reports of a ghostly figure – many report a grey-haired woman, in a long coat.

Widely regarded as the most haunted road in Scotland is the A75. Many motorists report animals or even people appearing out of nowhere and then vanishing just as quickly. In 1962, two brothers, Derek and Norman Ferguson, would report a “phantom hen” flying directly at their windshield, only to vanish at the moment of impact. In 1997, motorist, Donna Maxwell, would report to police she had hit someone who had suddenly appeared in the road. Despite an extensive search of the area, no pedestrian came forward.

The Stocksbridge Bypass

Quite possibly one of the most active roads in the world, certainly in Europe, is the Stocksbridge Bypass near Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Sightings would start almost as soon as work began on the new bypass in 1987. One of the first incidents on record is from the 8th September of that year.

Two security guards who performed night patrols on the site would report numerous strange and bizarre events. This would include seeing children playing in a nearby field and then disappearing into thin air. Each child adorned extremely old-fashioned clothing, perhaps hundreds of years old.

Construction workers who lived on site in the temporary accommodation caravans would also report numerous strange goings-on. For example, many would report hearing children “laughing and singing” during the night. When the workers would look outside there was, however, no children there.

Perhaps the most terrifying encounter was the large black figure overlooking the site, and the two security guards, from the Pearoyd Bridge. One of the guards would set off in his van in an attempt to drive up to the bridge and confront whoever it was. The other remained below, keeping the strange figure in sight. It remained in the same spot, simply overlooking the new bypass. As his colleague arrived on the bridge, the headlights of the van would find the cloaked person. To both security guards’ horror, the lights would go “straight through the figure” as if he wasn’t there.

It then faded away and vanished right in front of them. Both security guards, now terrified, left the site and went to report the encounter to the local police.

The Encounter of Dick Ellis and John Beet

Following the report of the security guards, the police would send two officers out to investigate this most bizarre incident. Special Constable John Beet and Police Constable Dick Ellis would investigate the site on 11th September. They would park their vehicle close to the bridge where the two men had witnessed the cloaked figure and killed the engine.

They would remain looking out over the new bypass for close to twenty minutes. Suddenly, a thud came at the passenger window and Beet let out a horrified scream. Against the glass was the torso of a man. Ellis had barely had time to react and turn towards his partner when the strange figure had vanished.

Ellis started the engine of the car, and after taking several deep breaths motioned the car forward slowly. They decided to move to under the bridge, believing the incident to be a hoax by local teenagers. From there they would radio the incident back to the station and request another unit to assist in a search of the area. Before they had a chance to do so, however, something began to “shake their car violently” and “loud thuds” connecting with the bodywork came from outside.

Ellis pushed down on the accelerator and the two officers went back to the station. Ellis would go on to make a full report of the incident, one which he would remain steadfast as to its authenticity.


Extremely Unusual and Persistent Activity

There have been numerous sightings of strange happenings along this road since. Many motorists, for example, report a person suddenly appearing in the middle of the road forcing them to swerve their car to avoid them. Upon looking back, the figure is no longer there.

On New Year’s Eve 1997 one motorist would make an official report of seeing “a figure just appear in the road in front of them!” The motorist had to swerve the car to one side to avoid hitting it and was perhaps lucky the traffic was unusually quiet due to the holidays. When he looked back, there was no one there.

Coincidentally or not, the road does have a particularly high accident rate. And perhaps more interestingly, many of those reports mention a person appearing in the middle of the road.

Many more sightings speak of children playing “under the pylons” in the fields alongside the roadway. Many people believe these to be the spirits of children who perished down the many mineshafts in the area. Several particularly chilling reports speak of “an unseen person” banging on the roof of their cars. Some even speak of their vehicles “shaking” violently. The cloaked figure also still appears. Legend has it he is a monk who “fell out of favor with the church”. His body, so the legend says, resides here in an unmarked grave.

The video below looks at the bypass in a little more detail.

Death Trap Roads and A Hub Of Negative Energy

The Tuen Mun Road in Hong Kong opened in 1977 when still under British Colonial rule. Since then it has had hundreds of fatal crashes. What’s more, it has had no modernization of any kind despite the increasing demands of modern traffic. In short, it is a road that simply wasn’t designed for the amounts of traffic it is now seeing. Add to this the design of the road was flawed to begin with, and the use of poor materials, and it is easy to see why it appears to be such a death trap.

Many crashes, at least according to the survivors, are down to people suddenly appearing in the middle of the road. Many believe the people in the road are spirits of those who died here. And as the fatal road crashes continue, so do the spirits who reside here increase.

In Australia is a small narrow street – more akin to an alley – that follows the rail viaduct in Jubilee. The area has a long history of crimes, including murder. It also has a long history of paranormal sightings and of “overwhelming” those who go there. Many express feelings of fear and anxiety. They also experience strange odors as well as “hearing footsteps” around them even though there is nobody there. Apparently small children and even dogs in the area also begin to act strangely while in the area.

There have been numerous bodies discovered here, many of whom were the obvious victims of murder. Investigations into many of these deaths, however, remain unsolved, perhaps adding to the strange and depressing feel of the street.

The video below looks at the world’s most haunted roads, some of which you may just have read about.


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