Darrell Whitaker from Glenwood Springs in Colorado claims that the sasquat attacked him and tried to rape him when he walked in the forest.

A 57-year-old man went to his hunting hut on Sunday to find out whether he had been injured in the winter.

Suddenly a large tree, like a gorilla, fell from the tree in front of him, hitting him in the face.

He was at least 8 feet tall, and his punches hurt like hell! I was knocked down from the first blow!

While Mr. Whitaker was trying to recover from the attack, a large humanoid creature began to rip his clothes, releasing some terrifying screams.

When I came to, he had already torn my pants and tore through my underwear. I hit him on the shoulder with a hunting knife, and it made him run away.

Mr. Whitaker immediately reported this attack to both the Glenwood Springs Police Department (GSPD) and the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Agency, and a joint investigation was initiated.

Investigators found on the site very large prints, which, in their opinion, belong to the aggressor.

Darrel Whitaker is convinced that the creature that attacked him was Sanskrit, but the GSPD investigators say that it is more likely that the attacker is just a particularly large and hairy person.

They are currently interrogating nearby residents to find out if anyone has noticed a person who is in charge of describing the suspect.

According to the victim, the attacker has a size of about 8 feet and is very hairy. He has brown hair, dark brown eyes and very large legs.

If you have any information about the suspect, contact the Glenwood Springs Police Department or the Colorado Wells and Wildlife Conservation Agency.

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