Fluke or not, most of the authors of Sci-Fi have proved to be far-sighted, if not somewhat prophetic. In the book “Letters from Andromeda,” the brainchild of Jobs Robinson and Alex Collier, describes a telepathic conversation with extraterrestrial beings originating from the Andromeda Galaxy. An ancient creature, called Morani from the constellation of Zenet, relayed important information to Collier, asking for the lies that are common in our history books.

Andromedan showed a deceptive way of controlling people, a lie that governs our daily life without our consent or even awareness. We are told nothing about the real problems of real life, and even more so about what actually happens in our solar system.

The greatest revelation of Moraine was related to the true history of mankind and to the secret base on the Moon. The Earth satellite played an important role in our genesis, but we did not learn it in any way. The moon was brought from the constellation of the Little Ursa in 432 light years from Earth to serve as a transport ship for reptiles, hybrids of humanoid reptiles and the first generation of human ancestors to descend to Earth. Our moon has pierced its way into our galaxy, a protracted asteroid, which is believed to cross our galaxy every 25,000 Earth years.

Here’s how Collier described Andromedans

Morani also showed that our Moon once orbited around the 17th planet of the Chowt star system, the Andromedian house. What we see today on the Moon is in fact the remnant of the cosmic remnant of 6.2 billion years old named Maldek, reminiscent of the ancient war between the tyrannical gray aliens of the Orion Empire.

According to the information provided by Collier Andromedan, we are here because we were brought here by an ancient extraterrestrial civilization that surpasses our Sun by age.

To withstand this bold theory, we need to turn to speculation. It is rumored that on the surface of the moon, lunar missions discovered the presence of unknown chemical compounds, and this discovery was completely closed. Collier had his limitations on this matter, but Moraney’s telepathic message confirmed all doubts:

The moon is hollow. It contains huge underground structures built by ET, and later people from Earth. Seven holes in the cortex of the moon and underground bases. Conservative scientists wonder why so many craters seem so small, despite their size. The Andromedans say, because most of the surface was built over the metal shell of the circular crest; Or a military carrier, as Andromedans describe it.

The craters on the Moon are a hint at the trained eye, for their depth does not coincide with the cosmic cosmic body, but the uniform form clings to the layers of lunar dust and rock, but since we are alone in this galaxy, who is responsible for the so-called craters? The answer comes from Andromedan, which tells about the cities and hangars of space ships located at the far end of the Moon, which were destroyed in the war more than 113,000 years ago, leaving traces visible from our planet.

Grace led the first reconnaissance mission of these ruins back in 1950, when a team of NASA astronauts (and not NASA!) Allegedly reached a lunar underground structure the size of New York, just below the crater of Jules Verne. Inside the object, they found the remains of a violent battle, seeing pieces of reptilian bodies scattered all over the place.

When the astronauts of Apollo landed on the Moon, the World Order was there for some time, writes Collier. This knowledge and technology has been withheld from the lower levels of NASA and our military. NASA was used as a blind person so that people do not know what is happening there. The cosmonauts were silenced under threats and so today.

Since then, the World Government has supported the lunar population program, starting with 36,000 people selecting people. It is estimated that in the near future the colony will reach 600,000 people.

The leaders of the whole operation are Grace, but they rarely interfere directly, but transfer their messages through a group called “Black monks”. The original people, the black monks, were radically modified to meet Grace’s needs and can no longer be considered people of the Earth.

The next step in the hierarchy is the group called “Blue Moon”, which serves the Black monks, which includes representatives of America, Britain, Russia and France. These groups work and control the bases of the Moon, and under their command there are two organizations: Alpha One and Alpha Two. Collier had reason to believe that the Alpha One was appointed to raise funds on Earth and to preserve the population of nothing suspecting.

Andromedan Morani told Collier that Alfa-2 is in fact MJ-12, a notorious organization that is tasked with restoring and exploring a foreign ship. If this is true, then the organization that we consider responsible for such hidden projects is actually at the bottom of the stairs and says that the staircase is much higher than we thought before.
So far, Colliers claims have not been proven yet, but it would be unreasonable to completely reject their consequences.

The far side of the Moon is forever hidden from the eyes, and even if there were several alien reasons, we would not be able to detect them from Earth. But Alex Collier is pretty sure of his enlightenment and forbidden knowledge, which he was blessed with Andromed.

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