Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia Prove that the ancient world was connected

According to recent studies, these hieroglyphs were first discovered in the 1900s, and about 250 stone carvings were found that have become part of local folklore for more than a century. Media reports of the discovery were minor, which is a good thing due to the fact that this amazing ancient site that can rewrite history can be preserved.

Hieroglyphs were named by their location; Kariong is a settlement on the Central coast of New South Wales, Australia west of Gosford along Central Highway.

According to the inhabitants of this community, who had the opportunity to identify and analyze these hieroglyphs, they seem to be quite ancient, written in an archaic manner of early dynasties, a style that could not be studied and could not be translated by the majority of Egyptologists who studied how to read the medium -Egyptian language is still.

According to the information provided to us by the media, there are no more than a handful of scientists on Earth who can actually read and translate this ancient writing scheme, which makes the hieroglyphs more valuable for the history of the world. But hold on, there is another side to this discovery.

According to a large number of archaeologists and researchers, Gosford’s glyphs are modern forgeries, which have nothing to do with ancient Egypt. Some other researchers believe that modern history and archeology clearly do not perceive hieroglyphs as authentic, given the fact that they can change the face of ancient history.

Ray Johnson, a well-known archaeologist, allegedly translated ancient hieroglyphs for the Cairo Museum of Antiquities and successfully conducted the proper research and translation of the two walls of Egyptian hieroglyphs. Thus, he later proved that they were from the Third Dynasty (about 2,500 BC).

His translation reveals the history of the terrible chronicle of ancient Egyptian explorers, who was shipwrecked after the death of his royal leader, Lord Jesse-Eb, on an odd and hostile land. A group of three cased hieroglyphics clusters document the name of Ra-Jedef as the reigning king of the Lower and Upper Nile, the son of Khufu, who is the son of King Sneefer.

Professor Nageb Kanavati from the Department of Egyptology had the opportunity to study some photographs taken by the National Park and the Wildlife Service (NPWS) in 1983, and based on the allegations that he claims that while in some works there were Egyptian symbols, the hieroglyphs were completely They did not make Sense, for they were hardly a collection of Egyptian words and symbols made by lovers.

Nevertheless, many people believe that these hieroglyphs are completely true and authentic Egyptian hieroglyphs. As in any other story, there are also two sides to this. Some people support the theory of Egyptian hieroglyphics found in Australia, while others believe that this is a pure hoax. In the end, you decide whether it’s true or not, based on your own internal beliefs.

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