Even Caesar confirmed the Resurrection

The Nazareth inscription is a powerful piece of extra-biblical evidence that the Resurrection of Christ was announced shortly after His resurrection. It is a marble tablet, 24 inches (61 cm) by 15 inches (38 cm), written in Greek. Since the discovery was published in 1930, no scientist has presented evidence to refute his credibility. His abridged decree of Emperor Claudius (AD 4154), declaring the death penalty in Israel for those who caught robbing bodies from the tombs. (Usually robbers robbers stole valuables, not bodies!) This refers specifically to tomb tombs, special types used in Israel.

This decree of Caesar is known as the imperial rescript, having the force of law. Rescripts often dealt with unusual legal, religious or political problems that arise in a particular region. The text corresponds to the style and structure of the other rescripts of Claudius.

Matthew records one of the first responses to the reports of the Resurrection of Jesus. The Jewish authorities came up with a lie that the disciples stole the body (Matthew 28:13). Their purpose was to spread an alternative story, explaining why the body was missing, and the tomb was empty. The Nazareth inscription, most likely, is the answer of the Romans to the same problem.

In his dialogue with the unbelieving Jew, Justin Martyr (AD 100165) also refers to these early attempts to explain the empty tomb of Jesus: But you not only did not repent when you learned that He rose from the dead, but as I said before you sent the elect and Dedicated to people all over the world, to declare that the godless and lawless heresy originated from one Jesus, the Galilean deceiver we crucified, but his disciples stole it at night from the coffin, where he was laid, when they disowned the cross, and now they deceive people, Claiming that he rose from Dead and ascended to heaven.

The Nazarene inscription makes the skeptics more deeply versed with two basic competing views on events: to believe in the Resurrection of Christ or to believe that His disciples stole His body from the tomb to commit great religious fraud. The doctrine of Christ The Resurrection was first circulated by the apostles themselves, according to the Scriptures, and this was not the later invention of Christians in the post-apostolic period. The inscription is an excellent proof, confirming this truth, and this is reminiscent of Pauls’ statement, if Christ was not resurrected. , Your faith is also empty (1 Corinthians 15:14).

Henry B. Smith, Jr.

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