Many species have and continue to visit our planet, many of them want us to grow. Wind or not, you really believe in aliens, you understand that at the heart of everything consists of the same structure of geometries. You and I and everything is basically made up of the same geometry of the creation. Something like an alien, conscious being that exists outside of time, a fairy or even a thought, idea or concept, is based on them – a different expression of the same energy.



It is believed that the Lyrans are our oldest ancestors, and some believe that they were the first beings who organized civilization in our galaxy.

Billy Mayer, the Swiss author and source of many UFO photographs, was one of the first people to talk about the Lyrans, stating that they shared their sources with him.

He says:

They described their ancient ancestry and, consequently, ours, as occurring in a distant solar system in a star cluster near what we now know as the Lyra’s Ring Nebula, for which we called them the Lyrans just as we call People from what we We call the Pleiades.


It is believed that the Arcturians exist during the aeons and eons, being one of the oldest species in our galaxy. Many believers call them a fifth-dimensional civilization.

It is believed that their native planet rotates at a distance of only 200 light-years from Earth, which, although relatively close, is still out of our reach.

But this does not prevent the Arcturians from reaching our planet, because their civilization is much more complicated than ours.

Those who interacted with the Arcturians say they are 3 to 5 feet tall with black eyes and green skin. Old age and death do not interfere with their society.


The Telosians are described as tall, fair-haired figures, similar to people who are believed to have survived in previous earthly civilizations.

Many believe that their biggest earthly city is located under the mountains. Shasta in California.

It is believed that their society is in contact with many other alien civilizations, including the Arcturians.

Admiral Richard Bird was the first person to speak of the Tetesians in his posthumously published diaries. He wrote about alien species that lived underground, but were driven out of hiding using our nuclear weapons.

He wrote in his diary:

Our interests rightly begin right after your race exploded the first atomic bomb over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan. It was at this alarming time that we sent our flying machines, Flugelrads, into your surface world to investigate what your race did.

You see, we have never interfered in your race, war and barbarism before, but now we must, because you have learned to interfere in a certain force that is not for man, but for atomic energy.

Alpha Centauri

Alpha centauri, as the name suggests, presumably originate from Alpha Centauri. They not only have the ability to destroy us, but also other alien species, thanks to their intelligence and curiosity.

It is believed that they have many bases in our oceans and seas, and despite their strength, they are very kind to people and have a desire to help us.


The Pleiadians are believed to be descendants of lyrans and one of the most reliable allies in the galaxy.

Their host planet is in the star cluster of the Pleiades, 400 light years from Earth. Their name comes from the Greek word plein, which means swimming.

It is also believed that Billy Meyer was one of their proxies. He says that one Pleiadian woman told him:

We are neither guardians of the Earth, nor beings of angels who have departed from God, or like them. Many people assume that we are watching the Earth and its creatures and will control their destinies.

This is not true, because we carry out only an elected mission that has nothing to do with controlling or regulating the fate of the Earth. Thus, it is wrong to expose us as elevated envoys and guardians.

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