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Flying Saucer And Unknown Craft at Air Display

When people say UFO photos are always blurred and you research Ufology and discover clear footage of UFOs and Flying Saucers they then turn around and say it’s to clear it looks fake. This is a really clear UFO image that shows a UFO and Flying saucer together, I hope this is real.

There’s never a good, clear photo or video taken of UFOs

Going for a day out to an official air display should of been relatively straight forward you’d think, but unbeknown to the crowd’s of people a Flying Saucer and another exotic looking craft tagged along. It’s at this stage you’d think the loud speakers would burst into life with someone shouting either “run” or “make sure you film them”? But, I could be missing the point or it could be a scenario where you had to be there to of experienced it.

Lastly, it could be as simple as “maybe it all happened so fast” and people was staring at them in disbelief.

I’ll tell you right now that this looks legit and that’s because of how clear and a part of the actual air display this looks, it’s definitely what’s convincing me. Click the link here to see another clear piece of footage of UFOs.

There is a Flying Saucer and another UFO which appears to be right next to an aerial display of Jets in formation. They are following the Jets definitely.
I really want to believe that this is a real or “genuine UFO incident” but my common sense is stopping me committing to it one hundred percent. I will still air on the side of optimism and I’ll definitely be keeping a close eye on this because I do believe that if it is real then it’s a real game changer.

Really good UFO information around the Internet.

I’ve looked at this video several times to try to find anything that gives this credit and which has signs of tampering but even though I’m no expert I do have a good feel for these things and I really want to say yes, this is 100 percent genuine but there’s a voice in my mind saying that’s impossible because surely it would of been on the news as soon as this was filmed, right?

From the day it was filmed, if it was published that very same day then there’s a good chance that it’s real as the eye witness wouldn’t of had chance to add the graphics. But, if weeks or months even a year had passed then there’s a good chance this was faked and super imposed into the video and filters added? Enjoy the video below which is hosted on Instagram. Please like and follow UFO Sightings Footage Instagram channel cheers.

If only an expert get’s his or her teeth into this and checks out the “accepted process of elimination” or if they go through their own processes to determine either way if it’s a “highly likely fake or a probable genuine video” then that would be great. The actual video is just what the eye witness apparently filmed and that’s it.

It’s been touted as genuine, but if it is or not we might just have to wait? But, on the flip side to it, UFO and Alien beliefs are exactly that – belief in the unknown, beliefs around Alien entities that exist and have visited. okay, I added some of my own interpretations there of my own Alien slash UFO beliefs but it’s all about measuring ones own beliefs especially if percentages interest you?

Source LIVE Aliens – UFO FaceBook. Source UFO Sightings Footage Instagram. Credit Canva Image Editor. Join Canva with that link and we’ll both earn 1 credit which we can then purchase (using the credits) premium Elements such as music, icons, images, illustrations, cheers.

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