Flying Saucer looks really genuine.

This is an industrial complex area and the Flying Saucer comes in slow over the buildings and from the left to the right. The UFO is kind of hovering but still maneuvering. There’s a load I like about this UFO or Flying saucer but there a bit I don’t like about this?

If we humans are reverse engineering UFOs then imagine what they must look like, right. Just stop a minuet and think about what one would probably look like?

I’m posting this so that we can get opinions on this and if there’s anything that we’ve missed maybe you guys could point this out? I already know that there’s a chance this could be a fake but there’s a good chance that this could be a reverse engineered UFO?

This could be a reversed engineered UFO.

Humans have been hard at work not only tearing down UFOs which have crashed here on Earth but they’ve been extremely hard at work actually planning and making our very own Flying Saucers or flat aircrafts because these types of aerial vehicles are so stealth like it’s unreal.

The low and flat “squashed” profile is perfect to become absolutely or very nearly invisible to radar. So the military of the US and other countries are involved in exploring this type of aircraft.

Just because it might not be a UFO there’s a good chance this could be a real secret aerial vehicle born from reverse engineered technology from a UFO, so please before you dismiss this as a fake, just remember that it could be one of ours from a secret program or project…

Here’s the video:

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Source Ufosirius Instagram.

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