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Flying Saucer Filmed As It Falls Out The Sky

Here’s a really quick Flying Saucer video with all the bells and whistles, it’s silver metallic with tiny flashing lights around it’s perimeter. It has my vote as been real. A Flying Saucer Filmed As It Falls Out The Sky, I decided to do this post because it is important.

Silver Metallic Flying Saucer Disc

Huge Flying Saucer is tumbling out of the sky. This is a great example of a craft that's real but it's Origin is not known, I mean how could it just by watching a video.
Silver Flying Saucer falling out of the sky.

Instagram video

Over the last 3 years Flying Saucers have declined

I do know that Flying Saucer reports have not been reported as much as they have been in the past. In 2016 there was more UFO incidents reported then “to myself” than I’ve ever had.

I do not know what it is that’s causing a decline in Flying Saucer activity but instead of UFOs declining altogether, instead UFO types like UFO Orbs and energy light spheres have rocketed!

Orb UFOs are growing in large numbers

Any given day UFO reports are still growing in numbers because there’s more coming here and the ISS has witnessed (only just recently) the biggest UFO clusters or formations of UFOs than ever before!

These large groups are heading towards Earth and people have been filming various massive formations around the world, including meteorites. I decided to post Flying Saucer Filmed As It Falls Out The Sky because this is a very important sighting.

These aare just a few of the UFOs caught on the ISS live feed.

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