Great Smithsonian cover: 18 giant skeletons discovered in Wisconsin

Scientists continue to stubbornly remain silent about the lost race of giants found in the barrows near Lake Delavan, Wisconsin, in May 1912.

The underground city on Lake Delavan was controlled by Beloit College and included over 200 fairy-tale hills, which turned out to be classic examples of the Woods culture of the 8th century.

But the huge size of skeletons and elongated skulls, found in May 1912, did not fit very well into the concept of a standard textbook. They were huge. They were not ordinary people.

Strange Skulls

First reported in the New York Times on May 4, 1912, 18 skeletons found by Peterson brothers on a lake meadow farm in southwestern Wisconsin showed several strange and bizarre features.

Their heights ranged from 7.6 feet to 10 feet, and their skulls …

Apparently, men are much larger than the heads of any race that inhabits America today.

They usually have a double row of teeth, 6 fingers, 6 toes and, like people, hit different races. Teeth in the anterior part of the jaw are common molars. Usually found heads are lengthened, which is explained by a longer service life.

It is necessary to ask, how much they can rise, if twice the average person today? Are these Giants a Bible and many other civilizations in their history and are painted on their walls?

Bible in Genicis 6: 4

“In those days there were giants on earth; And after that, when the sons of God came to the daughter of man, and they gave birth to their children, the same became strong people who were old men.

Now this is an erroneous logic for any scientist, because I use the religion / history of culture to fill a hole in science.

In recent years, more than 200 giant excavations have been discovered. Gigantic skeleton finds for the most part did not make local / national news since the 1950s. It seems that most people believe that people will question evolution. If there is something de-evolution.

In 2002, National Geographic reported a dozen Cyclops skeletons found in Greece, which were 12-15 1/2 feet in height. This is 3 people tall. One-eyed nest. Giants in history are usually cannibalists by nature.

The reason why I bring up the giants will be connected with politics and word. Look at the basketball ring and add 5 feet. So high. Greek mythology tells of the war with the Cyclopes, learning that they had to knock down their legs, making them slow and helpless.

The American Giants (Red Giants Hair), where they were found with Egyptian writing on their graves, were found in several places.

The Mystery of the Wisconsin Giants

Is it something like a rally, a local farmers’ rally or a crazy taxidermist for entertainment and press attention? The answer is no.

The discovery of Lake Delavan in May 1912 was only one of dozens and dozens of such finds, reported in local newspapers from 1851 to today. This is not even the first set of giant skeletons found in Wisconsin.

On August 10, 1891, the New York Times reported that scientists from the Smithsonian Institution discovered several large pyramidal monuments on Lake Mills, near Madison, Wisconsin.

“Madison” was in ancient times the center of a nuisance population of at least 200 thousand people, reports the Times.

Excavators found a complex system of defensive structures, which they called Fort Aztalan.

In the famous barrows of Ohio and Indiana can not be compared neither in size, nor in design, nor with the skill shown in their construction, with these gigantic and mysterious landmarks that we do not know with whom and for what purpose we can only guess, Said the Times.

December 20, 1897 “The Times” received a report on the three major burial mounds that were discovered in Maple Creek, Wisconsin. Recently was opened.

In it, a skeleton of a giant-sized man was found. The bones were measured from head to foot by more than nine feet and were in good state of preservation. The skull was about half the size of a bushel. Beside the bones lay finely hardened copper rods and other relics.

Giant skulls and skeletons of the Goliath race were found on a regular basis in all countries of the Midwest for more than 100 years. The Giants were found in the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, Kentucky and New York, and their burial places are similar to the famous burial mounds of burial mounds.

The history of the mound is built for a period of more than 5000 years (from 3400 BC to 16th AD), which is more than the history of Ancient Egypt and all its dynasties.

There is a prevailing academic opinion that we have an adequate historical understanding of the peoples who lived in North America during this period. Nevertheless, a long report on abnormal finds, similar to those on Lake Delavan, indicates the opposite.

The Great Smithsonian Concealment

Was there a giant cover? Why are there no public displays of giant Indian skeletons in museums of natural history?

The skeletons of some blacksmith’s builders, of course, are demonstrated. There is a wonderful exhibit, for example, in the Azalan State Park, where in the museum you can see the skeleton of Princess Azatalan.

But the skeletons on the screen are of normal size, and according to some sources, the skeletons of the giants were covered.

In particular, the Smithsonian Institute was charged with deliberate attempts to hide the story of bones and keep giant skeletons.

According to Vine Deloria, the author of the American Indian and law professor:

Modern archeology and anthropology have almost locked the door to our imagination, widely interpreting the North American past as being devoid of anything unusual in the path of great cultures characterized by unusual behavior.
A great violator of ancient burials, the Smithsonian Institute of the nineteenth century, created a one-way portal, through which countless bones were energetic.
This door and the contents of its repository are virtually closed to all but government officials. Among these bones there may be answers that are not even required by these officials for a deep past.

Two giant skeletons near Potosi, WI

January 13, 1870 edition of Wisconsin Decatur Republican reported that near Potosi, Wisconsin, two giant, well-preserved skeleton of an unknown race were found, where workers dug the foundation of a sawmill near the banks of the Mississippi River.

One skeleton measured seven and a half feet, the remaining eight feet. Each skull had prominent cheekbones and double rows of teeth. A large collection of arrows and strange toys was found buried with remains.

A giant skeleton is found in Maple Creek, WI

On December 20, 1897, the New York Times reported that three large mounds were discovered near Maple Bay, Wisconsin. After the excavations, a frame more than nine feet from head to foot with copper-thin copper rods and other relics was found.

Gigantic Skeleton in West Bend, WI

A giant skeleton was discovered outside West Bend near the park of lizard-mounds and collected by local farmers at a height of eight feet. More information on this can be found in the Washington District Paranormal phenomena: a trip by the legendary Wisconsin by the local author and researcher J. Nathan Diwan.

While the frame of the normal size of the alleged builder of the mound (Princess Azatanana) is exposed on the site of several large pyramidal monuments near Madison called “Azalan State Park”, the remains of the goliaths of the giants of Wisconsin disappeared along with hundreds of others discovered throughout the Midwest.

Many accused the Smithsonian Institution of hiding these discoveries, blocking giant skeletons and depriving the public of their results.

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