He wakes up after a coma after 12 years … then he revealed this frightening secret!

The thought of what happens after death can be quite frightening, so we love stories that make us really think about how we want to spend time here on Earth.

However, when a person suffers for such a long time, people close to them can easily lose hope and even raise the question of whether it is better for them to let go.

This is exactly what happened after 12-year-old Martin Pistorius from South Africa suddenly fell ill and was diagnosed with a degenerative disease, leaving him in a vegetative state.

For 12 long years, Pistorius was trapped inside his body. He believes that he woke up about 14 or 15 years, but everyone around him thought that he was completely unconscious for the world around him. He even overheard that his mother said that she wished he had died, but knew that she was heartbroken when she saw her son lying there, silently suffering.

In the next powerful interview with NBC, we find out what kind of life was for Pistoria, locked in his thoughts for more than a decade.

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