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Huge Dome And Pyramid Structure Found on Google Mars

Wait, it get’s better because these are official NASA photos

When was the last time you saw something this good like a huge dome and Pyramid structure found on Google Mars? Okay, it was probably about an hour ago or less because if Mars is one thing for sure, it’s absolutely in-stock with anomalies. That’s a cute gesture which basically means anyone and everyone can visit and probably put an order in with NASA for whatever you can think of? Seriously, if you want a UFO, then just order one. If you want a Pyramid, next to a dome, just order away.

This looks like a dome on Mars with a Pyramid next to it
We’re only saying what these anomalies look like to us here at UFO News. It could look like a massive ball bearing to you from the craft of a Reptile? It’s what the anomaly looks like to you, we don’t have any facts because nobody does – except NASA who make their own facts as they go along.
Credit: Filtered image by ArtAlienTV YouTube.

Why stop there when you can super-size the order and get a person stood off in the distance looking at the Mars Rover? Or, put an order in for a crabskullgunstatueAlien fingers, shoe, Alien soldier, the jelly doughnut seems to be a big hit with guess who? The Police, they love the fact that… Okay, so now you get my drift – right! Mars, or should I say “the surface of Mars” is quite literally teaming with Aliens and objects.


I only put forward my own opinions and thoughts about what is apparently discovered in photos of Mars, taken by NASA’s Rovers or NASA satellites. I don’t try to convince you unless I’m convinced then I’ll tell you exactly what I think or am starting to think and believe about the said Mars object, martian story or related to Mars information. This could be a domed city on Mars and I’ve linked to a few sources so you can take up the challenge of finding answers.

Nigel Watson, author of the UFO Investigations Manual, told MailOnline:

‘They have done well to find a dome and a pyramid relatively close together on Mars. ‘We all love the idea that thousands of years ago aliens built such structures on Mars and Earth.

Nigel Watson speaking to the MailOnline

Watch the ArtAlienTV YouTube video for a great explanation, below

With what we know about technology and what it can do right now, in terms of battery life, fossil fuels, combustion rockets, digital components and driverless vehicles etc it’s very hard to believe for me personally that we’ve colonised Mars at this stage. If we have then we should have hover cars, hover skateboards and practically anything and everything should have a white box that allows anything it’s connected to – to hover!

Mars, if your looking to find yourself proof of Aliens then I suggest you start there – anywhere will do!

Lee Lewis UFO News

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Also, on that note It’s hard for me to believe that we have even been to Mars or come from Mars but yet the only thing that is trying to convince me otherwise are images which can be practically anything when one thinks about it plus faked and videos which can be faked and stories.

Ancient Pyramids where all built around the exact same time but why.
The ancient world has so many secrets that are probably not going to be answered. How come people started building Pyramids at the same time near enough but on different continents and these peoples hadn’t even met or knew of each other. There in lay the mystery and therein lay another mystery but this time it’s regarding pyramids on Mars.

Oh my word (I don’t usually say that) is there a lot of Mars related mysteries and stories that go to great lengths to put believable truth’s into the stories! It’s always on the theme of science fiction masquerading as really happening or it’s happened already – and at lengths with that also. Some people really do try to convince us that A, humans have been to Mars, already. And B, there’s a Alien Human alliance or a wars been raging (without anyone seeing it) for decades.

Benton Crater Dome Anomaly
50 foot dome or sphere in a Mars Crater with large pipes coming out of it on the left. Also a triangular pyramid shaped structure about 500 feet away from it that is 120 ft wide.
Credit AlienArtTV YouTubeWilliam Benton Facebook.

Have you noticed it’s always “they or them” that are responsible i.e the Government funded NASA, JPL, ESA, RosCosmos, JAXA, ASA, BSA, CROSA HSA, AEM and the list is endless. “They” are always the ones that are covering up domes on Mars, tunnels under every city with faster than sound shuttles or pods taking “them” from city to city, country to country. I’m not making fun of people with these kinds of beliefs I’m just trying to understand why everything has to be a conspiracy?


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