Human skull found in Greece Challenges from Africa Evolution Theory

There are many discoveries that challenge the established scientific beliefs of evolution, but most of them are denied or covered by elites who are interested in preserving history as such.
In 1959 a narrow cave was found in Northern Greece by a shepherd boy. When they went inside with a few locals, they discovered that the cave was rich in minerals, and after further extraction from curiosity, locals discovered an inappropriate relic of a human skull embedded in the wall of the cave. Later excavations revealed many fossil remains of prehuman, animal and bone and stone tools.

The skull was removed from the cave of Petralona, ​​where it was discovered, and then sent to the University of Thessaloniki in Greece for a more detailed study. Archaeologists agreed that after a full investigation the skull will be sent to the local museum, where its history will be known to others.

However, this never happened, since the analysis of the skull showed that he was trapped inside this cave for about 700,000 years, making him the oldest human epopee of the era ever discovered in Europe. Dr. Paulianos, who examined the skull, showed that the Petralona Man evolved independently in Europe, and he was not a descendant of any species that emerged from Africa.

In other words, the skull clearly showed another evolutionary path followed by people in Europe, which directly contradicted the theory of “From Africa”, the doctrine adopted by modern science.

In 1964, a group of German researchers tried to refute the data of Dr. Paulianos, claiming that the skull was almost 50,000 years old and that it really was a species from people originating in Africa. However, an analysis conducted in 1971 by a group of American researchers once again showed that the Skull of Petralona was indeed 700,000 years old. They managed to establish a date based on the study of cave deposits and stratigraphy.

Scientists from twelve countries conducted various tests on the skull. All of them received similar results, which consider the work of Dr. Paulino to be correct. The research continued until 1983, when Greece was captured by a dictatorship that ordered all remains found in the cave to be denied public access, including foreign researchers. Thats when the challenging discovery remained on hold for more than 15 years, and the Greek government did not offer a viable argument for their decision.

Later this issue was referred to the court of the Greek anthropological society, and scientists were again granted free access to the cave. This was a minor victory, as the Ministry of Culture allegedly tried to force the courts to rule in their favor and again restrict access to the site. I know that from a democratic point of view it is difficult to believe, but the Greek government did not give convincing arguments in favor of why they wanted the cave to be provided.

Researchers today determined that the skull is Homo Erectus, an ancient hominid, but it also has the characteristics of Neanderthals and strong European traits. According to the latest tests, the skull appears to be either Homo Sapiens or part of Homo Sapiens, which puts the skull in direct conflict with the theory of getting out of Africa.

The findings of Dr. Poulianos reject the theory from Africa, the reason why his studies were deliberately suppressed in today’s academic circles. The doctor and his wife were also beaten and wounded in their home in 2012. To take root in the wound, the Greek government deprived him and his access to the cave, where he intended to complete the study. To hide the story, the sign was placed outside the cave, saying that the inside of the skull was 300,000 years old, and Wikipedia today dates the skull even younger.

The reason why the Greek government rigidly suppresses the findings of Dr. Paulianos may be obvious to some of you, but to highlight the main idea, if the study so far conducted has confirmed the correctness, this means that people not only emerged from Africa; They were found scattered around the globe, thus proving that the whole theory of evolution that modern science uses is untrue. The same is true of Native Americans, where the accepted theory of evolution claims that they have come across an Alaskan land bridge to America, while Aborigines insist that their ancestors are always present in America.

Once again, we have another proof that modern history teaches us serious lies. It seems that information that does not fit into the generally accepted paradigm either disappears or is rejected as a fable. The skull from Greece proves that the scientific path that is being followed is rotten and controlled. REAL science should follow the traces and change the beliefs that have been accepted so far, where it is.

Professor K.G. Nicholas Maski-Taylor of the University of Cambridge sent a letter to the Greek Ministry of Culture, which states that the correct date for the skull is 700,000 years instead of 300,000. See the letter below.

The Greek Ministry of Education, Religion, Culture and Sport,
Bubulinas 20-22,
Athens 106 82,
September 5, 2012
Dear Sir,
I am writing on behalf of the European Anthropological Association, which is an umbrella professional and academic association linking all national European biological anthropology and human biology societies to express our concern about the preservation of the Petralona and Skull caves, misinformation, the dating of the skull, and the treatment of staff associated with With the preservation of the cave.
The basis of our concern is that the skull was damaged with many scratches and the tooth head (1st molar) was cut off. At the request of the Anthropological Association of Greece, a detailed description of the present status of the skull is required so that no one in the future can arbitrarily damage it. There is also a dating problem that was scientifically dated about 700,000 years ago, and not 300,000, as indicated on the information desk. There is a very detailed report on the excavations and finds that should be further publicly presented, but which have never been cataloged to prevent the loss of samples.
It is unfortunate that the Greek archaeological department stopped Dr. Aris Pulianos from further work in the Cave without any explanation. It is also very disturbing that Dr. Poulianos and his wife were physically attacked and injured in their home earlier this year, and the perpetrators were not found. He was also insulted verbally when he tried to give an invited presentation to teachers and schoolchildren.
Senior anthropologists and geologists were also denied access to the cave, and samples for further study in a number of cases without valid reasons. At the beginning of this year, there was also disinformation transmitted to the Greek parliament regarding the financial aspects of the Cave.
I look forward to answering these questions.
Yours sincerely
Professor C G N Mascie-Taylor MA, PhD, ScD (all Cambridge), FSB, FNAS (Hungary)
Professor of Biology and Public Health and President of the European Anthropological Association

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