I can heal water: the star listens, calls on humanity to wake up

The idea that a 9-year-old girl can treat water is amazing enough! Find out what else she can do, and the message she has for humanity. Excerpt from the upcoming book “The New Man” by Mary Rodwell. I received the following letter about a nine-year-old from Northern Europe, who speaks of his ability to heal water through stellar languages. She also gives her a look at God and her mission:

Poor us. Poor children who come voluntarily; We have such a difficult time ahead of us, a real battle. I’m here to help my family wake up, EVERYONE sleeps.

Cathys Mother:

My nine-year-old daughter speaks the star tongues to heal the water. I live in Northern Europe and have four children. During my first pregnancy, a voice told me that my children are not mine.

They would have passed through me. These children do not belong to anyone. Until recently, I knew that there are such things as extraterrestrial beings.

My nine-year-old daughter is a special girl who finds an ordinary world and is difficult. She asks me why she does not allow her to do things her own way. Cathy has healing powers and dictated some healing words in the ET language to purify water.

I noticed that the water actually tried differently. She says that stellar languages ​​are a place outside the universe.

Cathy receives messages in ET languages ​​and understands what they say to her. She says that they are important.

I showed her your presentation, where a woman makes healing and writes several ET languages. My daughter answered with joy and excitement, She knows what I wrote.

Surprisingly, according to Cathys, a scientist from Northern Europe is exploring ways to activate water and explains how it is possible.

Dr. Olson (Ph.D.) is a Swedish scientist, mentioned earlier as a designation of people with the letter letter. She also studies water and its properties.

Dr. Ohlson States:

As a scientist, the spiral formations with which I worked in my studies in the field of water, such as charging energy back into the water, help heal reloads and strengthen the energy field, the aura. Healing works on a cellular level, whether you believe it or not.

The healing from my hands affected the binding of the protein to the P53 gene, which plays a role in turning genes into and off. Correctly used, it can be a bliss for humanity in the restoration of our land.

Masaru Emoto, a former Japanese scientist, has demonstrated numerous scientific tests, the crystalline nature of water and how it can be programmed, purified and changed in frequency by means of certain types of music, prayers and intentions of a person.

Note. For studies that demonstrated how frequency and intent can change the crystalline nature of water, see: Masaru Emoto and Hidden Messages in the Water.

God: Another Perspective

Cathys mother continues:

Cathy does not use the word God, because she says that he was misused. She calls it BE, which lives in DAY LIGHT. This is VOLTAGE. Daylight is where we all start.

God is not a man or a woman. He does not have sex. This Being has sown the seed of Light and Love, and where the Light and the Angels live.

Katie has helpers who lead and train her. One of the creatures is called Emenoke, a woman and blue, has no hair or ears; Her eyes are like human eyes, only more.

The green conductor is a man. She has an assistant from Day Earth (dimensions), which helps her understand what her guides tell her. She says that my friends are here all the time.


Friends of Cathys Spirit ET gave her information in seven books (and not in real books, but this is the best way to describe them).

  • Red book on the creation and our origin.
  • Brown is a different planet and life.
  • Light green is nature, and how we can come into contact with plants and animals and understand nature.
  • Dark green is the body, how it works and how we develop it.
  • The blue book is light and truth.
  • A red-brown book, which she had not yet discovered, because the dragon took the key from her in the 1700s.
  • The black book explains darkness and evil and is dangerous.

All books contain important information.

Schools, educational systems What is wrong

Cathy spoke through an interpreter on Skype:

What they teach in schools is inaccurate. They program you as computers and close your light. There is nothing good in this system.

Children are programmed, teachers simply press keys. Children already have the training we need, but they do not allow children to expand it and finish, because we need to stop and do something else.

The information is set and hard at school. School programs are like a virus, it destroys what’s inside us, and when we look like an old computer, and we grow up, we’ll finish. We lose access to the information we had at the beginning.

But education is just one of the ways in which this happens. Our inner core can be destroyed by too much stress, facing several tasks, less sleep and more anxiety. We are deliberately destroyed.

The potential of mankind, the imagination and the creation of something of reality:

Everything is possible.

People should know that we can do whatever we want. When children play using their imagination, it’s not just imagination. When we stop them, saying that they can not do this or that, it stops them, making them a reality.

What they imagine can be a reality. What we call imagination at this time can be a reality. We say that this is impossible, but everything is possible. We need to believe this, then we will have this ability. When we rediscover what we can do, we can fully realize our potential.

Mankind must believe in itself:

This is difficult because, first of all, we do not believe in it, then, if we believe, but still doubt, it prevents us from reaching this potential. We must be within ourselves to connect with our REAL truth in order to achieve this.

For some time we will achieve this, and if one person does this, it will spread to other people, and so it will begin. But at what time I can not tell you.

Cathy shares why the star-stars came to this planet at this time:

Star children came to show us the way. These are the ones that begin the process, helping the rest of humanity to wake up.

Cathy says that she is from the Evening Earth to help us evolve. When her goal is achieved, she will go to the daylight. We were already on the Monetary Land, but since we wanted to have more experience, we came to this planet.

Creatures that are in contact with it, like Emenok, do not live on another planet. They are located on the edge of the universe in the White Light.

To protect us sends a light ball. My younger brother has a blue ball that protects him.

Mary: You said that he would also be a teacher?

Cathy: He will be my teacher, as I will, and he will study at home so that he will retain true knowledge.

M: What do your guides teach you?

C: They teach me different kinds of knowledge, so I can teach adults. The danger is that you can change it, and then lose the true information. Then people get confused and lost, making fun of stellar children or not believing them. Education.

M: How many stellar children are there?

C: Forty or fifty percent of people out of a hundred, but many are lost, and only twenty percent will remember who they are.
We must wake up!

Creatures want us to wake up and see the reality the way it is to see how strong we are. Some people from the “Daytime Land” and “Evening Land” came here to help humanity in the awakening.

It is very dangerous to come here to help, because the memories of a past life can be removed at birth, and some of it is destroyed by society, education, drinks and drugs. Those who come here know about the danger and still want to come and help. We have not woken up yet.

M: How can we wake up?

C: We must increase our energy, because we do not have the necessary energy; He was stolen from us.

M: How can we protect our energy?

C: At present, we have only five percent (0.05%) of our energy. We should have one point for five percent (1.5%).

How can we begin to increase our energy? Cathy says:

  • Do not be angry at the little things.
  • Do not talk on mobile phones for a long time.
  • Do not eat white sugar.
  • Do not watch TV.
  • Do not use microwaves.
  • You do not have wireless internet.

Something important will happen in the next five years on this planet. Parents should listen to us. We must educate parents.

Cathy told me that her goal here on earth is to get her family to wake up and protect their younger brother, because he is important to humanity. Thus, she means that he will become her teacher when he grows up, because he, in turn, will help mankind to wake up.

Then Cathy says:

Mary has big Ears. She is listening. Most adults do not.

Mary Rodwell

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