If the US military breaks this plane, each student can receive a free college for 23 years

The American new stealth plane F-35 Joint Strike Fighter sounds impressive on paper, but perhaps this is the largest waste of taxpayer money in the country. At about $ 1.4 trillion, the plane is an excellent example of exorbitant spending on a bloated military budget, especially given that he will not even be able to shoot a cannon until 2019.

That’s right, another three to four years, until the F-35 begins to function due to software problems. And since the three services (the US Air Force, Navy and Marines) each want it, the model overloads and does nothing. The jet is too cumbersome to function as an airborne air combat jet and can not function in support because of the lack of fuel.

US Uncut relay that the jet plane was grounded 13 times due to take-off problems since 2007. And in 2008, the corporation tested the F-35 in a simulated air battle with China. Guess what happened? The performance of jet aircraft was considered twice as poor, and officials warned that the turn of the investment turn, the rise of the slope, failure failed.

According to Pierre Cpria, one of the three men who created the F-16, the point of this aircraft is to spend money. He says that the F-35 is inherently a terrible airplane, because its aircraft is built for a dumb idea. Once you start designing an airplane with several missions, you will sink.

In the video below, he summarizes,

It’s the mission of the plane, is that the US Congress will send money to Lockheed [Martin].

To date, the United States has already spent about $ 400 billion on a jet aircraft, which was designed by the leading defense contractor Lockheed Martin. The ultimate intent of Pentagons is the acquisition of 2,443 aircraft for the modernization of the current fleet of fighters.

It’s hard to wrap around your head, how much is $ 1.4 trillion, but let’s look to the future. If the government were to abandon this one shitty jet plane, each student could receive free training for the next 23 years. What do you prefer that your taxpayer dollars be supported?

In the end, education will contribute to the development of mankind much more than ever to one fighter.

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