Incredible connection between Nikola Tesla and Donald Trump

Being unpredictable, like the current US presidential election, the striking historical sydney lies in their connection with the famous Serbian inventor Nikola Tesla.

A few days after Tesla passed away on January 8, 1943, his property was seized by officials from the surprisingly named government administration of someone else’s property. After about 3 weeks, all of Teslas’s belongings and documents were carefully checked by a group of FBI agents, which included none other than John G. Trump, the uncle of the current Republican presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

Trump-uncle, by all accounts, was a very experienced and intelligent person, MI T. Professor of Engineering, who helped develop X-ray machines for cancer patients and conducted radar studies for the army during the Second World War.


The thoughts and efforts of Teslas for at least the last 15 years were primarily speculative, philosophical and somewhat promotional in character, but did not include new, robust, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.

But such official dismissal of the importance of the papers left by Tesla, for obvious reasons, did not suit many people for the next 73 years. As if the government would like to admit that it has found plans, for example, “Deadly Rey”, over which Tesla worked in the last years of his life. This situation is zero for conspiracy theories.

The documents were partially released, but still very difficult to track. What has become of Tesla’s secret technique is still a mystery if you are inclined to believe in it. Who has the documents? Did Tesla really create the “Death Ray”?

Donald Trump himself often refers to his uncle, referring to the mind of John Trams as a kind of voucher for his genetic and historical pedigree.

My uncle told me about nuclear to nuclear weapons, Trump said in an interview, according to the New Yorker magazine.

Most likely, this applies to hydrogen bombs, and not to the first nuclear bombs, since Trump was born in 1946, after the atomic age was already upon us.

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