Look at how a black hole tears the neighboring star

NASA produced an artwork based on the observations of ASASS on the so-called tidal destruction in action. In short, it’s just a black hole tearing up a nearby star. Although this video looks amazing, you probably wonder what the hell is going on. Well I will do my best to paraphrase NASAs with an extremely complex explanation of this phenomenon.

NASA states that what you see here is tidal destruction when a star is torn apart by a black hole, to which it is approaching too close. When this happens, most of the masses of stars are attracted to the black hole in the form of so-called threads, which later become a smooth disc that is easily visible in X-rays.

Automated surveying of All-Sky for supernovae or ASASS in short observable parts of tidal destruction in November 2014. The black hole that caused this disturbance is in the galaxy, distant from our own, at a distance of 290 million light years. And in order to make this extremely interesting phenomenon deeper, NASA created this artistic embodiment of tidal destruction in action.

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