Mass evacuation of Antarctica as special operations and military transfers

A mass evacuation of Antarctica has just passed. All civilians and scientists are flying out. Special operations and military relocation.
This amazing report was published on godlikeproductions. The Anonymous author wrote.

I’m a civilian contractor for a defense industry company, which you’ve probably heard about.
We sell advanced hardware and electronic devices mainly for the US Army and Marine Corps. Remove mass of logistics to move the mass amount of this material.

On Saturday, I enjoyed a few brews when I was summoned to the emergency service. I did not think about it until I got there, and there was a lot of a heavy attacker I’d never seen.

We work closely with the military, so when a group of colonels appears, I have never met, I knew that serious business is working in the work. In addition, some of them looked really panicky.

It is impossible to disclose much, but I can say that there is an instant order of moving the material ton of some out-of-the-way state of art equipment to Antarctica.

And it also turned out that all civilians are being evacuated as soon as possible.

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